cyber attack

8 Most Bizarre Cyber Attacks in The History Aside From Ransomware

You may have caught wind of Ransomware..!! Right..?? If not then please google this word “Ransomware”, you will become acquainted with how capable digital assault it was. It has shaken more than 150 nations. Would you be able to envision.. 150 countries..!! That much effective it was.. Be that as it may, this was not […]

google search

The Importance and Effectiveness of Consumers Vocabularies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), just like any other marketing strategy, is difficult because they depend so much on the consumers. It makes sense because that is the very nature of marketing. With that, correct assumptions of consumers’ vocabularies are one of the focuses of SEO companies. What are consumers’ vocabularies? Those are the terms commonly […]


Will Samsung Galaxy S9 be able to Solve Problems with Galaxy S8?

Samsung Galaxy S8 is here in the market and has got the reviews what it deserves. Tech experts have gone through the phone including its specifications and have told all the limitations and new innovations done in the phone by the company. But Samsung Galaxy S9 is not here yet. Even the company has kept […]

WhatsApp Video Calling

India Dominates in WhatsApp Video Calling

At the present, most of the folks prefer to make video calls rather than voice calls. Despite slow internet connections, the citizens of India love making video calls with the gigantic messaging service WhatsApp. This app is used by billions of people globally and it is said to be that the Indian users are the […]

uber x driverless car

Uber Self-Driving Cars still Remain On the Roads Even After a Mishap

There was a time when people use to drive the cars on the streets and highways in the cities and highways. For a few, it helped them to reach their work or home in a seamless and comfortable way. There are a few for whom driving a car is a passion and every single time […]