WhatsApp Video Calling

India Dominates in WhatsApp Video Calling

At the present, most of the folks prefer to make video calls rather than voice calls. Despite slow internet connections, the citizens of India love making video calls with the gigantic messaging service WhatsApp. This app is used by billions of people globally and it is said to be that the Indian users are the […]

uber x driverless car

Uber Self-Driving Cars still Remain On the Roads Even After a Mishap

There was a time when people use to drive the cars on the streets and highways in the cities and highways. For a few, it helped them to reach their work or home in a seamless and comfortable way. There are a few for whom driving a car is a passion and every single time […]

desert car driving

Eleven Desert / Sand Driving Tips

Car driving is one of the most pleasurable moments that lets you to explore some of the whelming locations across the globe. When it comes to drive on the desert locations, you need to be wise enough in adapting proper drive machine and showcase your driving excellency. The North-Western region in India is mostly covered […]

Whatsapp for desktop

Gadgets are Preferable Than the Desktop to Access the Whatsapp

As we know that the messaging app of Whatsapp is dominating the world by its feature. It has so many advanced features and techniques with it to achieve certain projects. As the technology development, every people are using the handheld devices of Android and iPhone. Through those mobile networks, we can access this messaging app […]

road rage

5 Useful Tips to Avoid Becoming a Road Rage Victim

In the last few years, the so called “road rage” syndrome has developed and we hear more about it. Of course, road rage is nothing new; it has been with us for a long time, probably since the beginning of road transportation. Road rage is often referred as the aggressive or violent actions between drivers […]

google self driving car

Why Google’s Self-Driving Car Experts Quit?

After years of consistent innovation, Google came up with the new idea of building a self-driving car. They estimated a big cost to come on the way as it sets a path to commercialization. As the project started developing in the background, Google announced a major break through that they are going to abandon the […]