10 Top Career Options for Women in India

The days of Indian women of being apprehended within the four walls are gone. These days, it is not capable of making them sit in an unambitious environment for a dedicated work as directed by someone nor they are willing to do either. With the procurement of the knowledge they had gained, they are now very clear about upgrading their career in any suitable field.

carrier option for women

Nowadays, there are various options for career build-ups for Indian women in numerous platforms. The women of this modern era are ready to get out of their houses and want to stamp a mark with their achievements. In that aspects, you get to find plenty of jobs available in all kinds of industries.

Here are Some of the 10 Peak Career Options for Women

1.Jobs in Public Relation It has been proven in the Indian Journalism that the number of female journalists are outnumbered when compared to their male counter parts. There are many reasons that this structure has turned up as such.  One of the plain-spoken word is that the females are one step ahead and perform their best in the field of communication, corporate relationships, multitask and nurture social medias. Ultimately there is a vast space open and reserved for the women to beat the world in the platform of journalism.

 2.Counseling and HR Departments As stated before that the female candidates have the ability to win their speech in all possible fields. They have inscribed their existence in the platforms of counseling also. For instance, as a psychology counselor or NGO, and also in the departments of Human Resources of any industries, they have proved their abilities. They do have the significant opportunities to find job in both Counseling and HR Departments.

women in HR department

 3.Education Programmes– Since been a long time, Education was only the primarily picked choice by most of the literate Indian women. The option to become a teacher is safe and is also a respectful kind of profession, as what they assume to be. And nevertheless, it has proven to be as such. As well as, the entire Indian community welcomes this profession of teaching or tutor jobs at all times. Hence, there has been steady growth of women educators in professorship, tutoring, curriculum designing and related fields.

4.Designers in Various fields It is true to be blunt that the art of designing is the area of women who rules. Of course, it is seldom won by males. Yes, the field of designing has spoken much to make the female designers to stand first in the line. May it be fashion designing, home interior designing, jewelry designing, graphic designing and other such similar manifestoes, the women designers have literally achieved a lot. And hence, they still have a top career upgrading chances in it.

women carrier in desingning

5.Nursing and Medicine Nursing has always been the profession of women. Increasing growth and with their escalating performance in the medicine platform, pursued  the female personalities to lead a higher and responsible position. With this, there has been seen a elevated growth in the education of nursing and medicines by females. Similarly, it is not for just words that they have bright scope here, but it has been proven in the international market too.

6.Sales and Marketing Section Again this platform need excellent communication skills and also some theoretical based knowledge. Women are undoubtedly to be meant to have superlative vocabulary and paper knowledge. These make them to look forward and gain career in these fields too.

7.Customer Service Jobs Naturally women have the tendency to deal emotionally tough situations like grievances. They are capable enough to handle the customers when placed in the customer service desks.  Hence, they are also paid for the same with attractive incomes.

women in customer service job

8.Digital Marketing Sector With the increase in the screen jobs, digital marketing can also be done working from home. Thus, women with their extra skills can make their balance between life and work easily, by adapting such kind of Digital Marketing jobs. Most of the women in India feel that these kind of work criteria are more sensible and worth for them, when compared to the regular shots. And more number of women are increasingly seen growing here.

9.Entertainment in Medias The outcome of number of television and film industries has significantly increased the role of female workers in it. In the fields like anchors, modeling, cinematographers, singers, animation, lyricists and even hair and costume stylists, women have seen to be succeeded.  With the proper knowledge in these specific platforms, they are for sure to hit the sky with their talents.

10.Government Jobs The Government jobs have not lost their momentousness yet. This is due to that it yields both safety and security. It is still among the ladies and gents, that they feel the government jobs are likely to offer you with various stipends. In all aspects, you may also choose this category for career development.



With the emergence of number of industries, there are huge predictions for a favorable job market in the recent years. It was made evident from the upgraded career trends that the upcoming years would be of job seekers market Let’s hope that this scenario may bring a new prospect to all the skilled women in India by enabling them to develop a fantastic career on their desirous terms.

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