Top 10 simple Tricks To Double Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

save fuel With frequent fuel price hike in the country, we all want to boost up our cars rightly in order to run more on roads by achieving the best of mileage. It’s true that all of a sudden we can’t convert our vehicles to a different fuel engine and we need to manage with petrol cars only, so here we want to make your life simple by offering you some simple informative tips to save fuel.


1.Correctly inflate your car tires

inflate your car tiresPumping the tires with correct air pressure is significant and one of the easiest options to save fuel and have the right mileage. Saving a precious fuel like petrol is necessary and driving a car with finely pumped up tires is the way to go. Follow your manufacturer’s guidelines related to air pressure for your car tires and maintain the same as per details. The higher the pressure, the maximum fuel efficiency will be. Deflated tires make the vehicle absorb more fuel and also make the ride unsafe, deeply hurting the fuel economy and resulting in tire wears. So keep the tires properly inflated for the enhanced mileage and great driving comfort.


2.Drive at correct moderate speed

correct moderate speedToo high or too low speed always consumes fuel. It’s good to avoid high speeds on open roads as that will not only save fuel but will also offer safe driving. Basically on highways, more than 50% of power that is generated by the engine is utilized to overcome aerodynamic drag. The fuel consumption increases speedily when you drag beyond 90kmph. On an average, a vehicle consumes 15% more fuel at 100kmph and 25% more fuel at 110kmph as against to lower speed than 90kmph. But remember that this fact should never mislead, as lower speed equals to better fuel efficiency because that’s completely untrue.


3.Thorough cleaning of air-filter regularly

cleaning of air-filter Fuel consumption is always increased when the car’s air filter is clogged as it restricts the airflow to the engine. Therefore it’s very essential that the air filter should be cleaned properly on a regular basis as clogged air filters consume fuel by upto 10%.




4.Correctly starting up the engine

Starting the car in a right manner is crucial. Modern day vehicles do not require much of engine boosting by pumping the accelerator repeatedly because that will only make the engine consume more fuel. Idling the car engine for 30 seconds is enough in order to warm it up and further the engine warms up on the road. Also avoid sudden break and acceleration before sufficiently warming up the engine. Read More : petrol car maintenance tips

5.Use the correct gear to drive

car-gearsDriving right is the key to fuel efficiency and opting for the right gear is quite essential, especially when it comes to Indian roads. Shifting from one gear to the other according to traffic needs is important as engine runs efficiently between 1,500 and 2,500 rpm. Whereas in cars with automatic transmission, better switch on your overdrive to save fuel.





6.Travelling light is extremely crucial

It’s smart to travel light, not only by air, train or bus but also by car. Unnecessarily carrying too much weight in your car will only enhance the consumption of fuel. With every extra 50 kilos the fuel consumption is increased by 2%.


7.Intelligently regard traffic conditions

Driving correctly in traffic and following proper guidelines will help in reducing the fuel consumption by upto 10%. Correctly adjusting the speed in severe traffics and avoiding tailgating with sudden or unnecessary braking and acceleration will help save fuel. Also, during red light, avoid keeping your engine idle for long as that will result in fuel wastage. Remember one rule, idling the car engine more than a minute will consume more fuel than restarting the engine.


8.Park your car in shade

Making your car stand out in hot summer is not worth it as the sun will make your car like an oven from inside and that also vaporizes the fuel from your tank. Basically, when the car stands in scorching heat, there’s a greater amount of evaporative emissions, so it’s better to park your car in shade rather than baking it in sun.


9.Timely tune-up the car engine

car engineTuning up your car is extremely important because tuned up vehicle enhances the overall fuel mileage by around 4%. So regularly tuning up the car engine will only help you save fuel and boost the fuel economy.







10.Use the right engine oil

car engine oilLast but not the least, use the right engine oil recommended by your manufacturer as this will increase the fuel efficiency by 1-2%. So, drive safe and smart to get the correct mileage from your precious car as it’s crucial to save fuel.

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