5 Brain Games for Your Smartphone

Play stores and App stores are full of different games. One cannot decide what to download and what not to download, as they all look impressive at first. But if you’re anything like me you would jump right into brain, mystery, puzzles category and search for that one game that will feed your brilliant side of the brain.

We all can agree that playing games on your smart phones is a great past time. We all have been through those times when we download a game thinking that it would be awesome but it turns out to be boring as soon as we start playing. To avoid yourself from such depressing situations, we have a list of top 5 brain games to help you challenge and entertain yourself.


This app is one of the best to test the limits of your brain. This smart game app interprets your selected answers and transforms it into analyzing you in a better way. It will train your brain into areas like problem solving, challenging your key abilities like memory, speed etc. It is very interactive and number 1 in my list of top brain games for sure.


A very good memory challenge game that will help you retain numbers, facts and words quickly. If you want to get an eidetic (photographic) memory then this is where you should start training. Basically, it will show you a image for 4-5 seconds, you would have to retain that specific information and recreate it correctly afterwards. A challenging game for all age groups.



Unblock Me

You can have lots of fun while playing this game but on the other hand you can lose your mind too (trust me on this this one). It is a puzzle challenging game, where you must move the blocks the right way to jump to the next level. Be ready to hit a dead end as there will be times you won’t be able to figure out the block that needs to move without blocking other blocks. It has 14500 puzzles, good luck solving them all.


Mini Metro

If you like puzzle strategy type of games then download mini metro now. You will be responsible to design a train network for the whole city as you move up the ladder. It can get quite complex with angry passengers waiting to be accommodated. The design should flawlessly interlink every station with one another. You need to be quick on your feet and decide immediately your next move. Test your managerial skills now by playing this game.



Improve your mathematical skills by playing Threes. Your goal would be to build larger number to increase your score by adding the tiles. Best game for the brainiacs who are quick in additions and multiplications. You need to be smart and fast at the same time if you want the game to continue. This puzzle game is very captivating and won’t let you lose your interest.

Threes game


About Author : This article was written by Kelly Larson, who is a computer scientist by dissertation hub profession, who likes to write for blogs in her free time.

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