7 Signs Your Vehicle Needs A/C Repair Or Replacement

Even if you take good care of your vehicle, at some point, it will need some type of repair. There may be sophisticated technologies available today (such as a tool that will tell you if your tires need air before having to reap the negative effects), but despite this, some car parts will still eventually wear down, so you need to either repair or replace them.

A car’s air conditioner is an example of a car’s system that will inevitably break down after several years even if you follow the recommended maintenance schedule.

Having your car’s A/C system checked out by an expert automotive technician whenever you notice signs of trouble is one of the best things you can do to minimize the cost of repairs. The air conditioner is a part of your vehicle that you wouldn’t want to break down and be out of commission for prolonged periods of time, especially during the hotter months.

To avoid this, it’s best to always pay attention to your car’s performance. Repair specialists share some of the warning signs indicating that your car’s A/C system needs repair or replacement below.

1. Puddles or Water Stains on the Floor Mat of Your Car

Your car’s A/C system might be breaking down if you notice puddles or water stains on your car’s floor mat (by your feet). The AC system will suck moisture out of the air. If the A/C system is working properly, it will drain that moisture in the form of water outside of your car. If the A/C is working optimally, you will see water on the ground after you’ve parked your car.

 The water will only drain inside your car if the air conditioning hose becomes clogged. In this case, you need to immediately bring your car to a reputable service station. If you wait longer to get this fixed, it will become more expensive to repair.

2. No Cool Air

no cool air

You might find that your car’s air conditioning system is not doing its job. Even when having it on full blast, the air coming from the vents isn’t as cold at it used to be. This indicates that your system needs repair.

The lack of cold air may mean that the compressor of the A/C system has failed. This can also mean that the Freon levels of the system are too low. If this happens, you may need to replace the unit.

3. Bad Smell

If you smell a bad odor after turning on your car’s A/C system, it’s a sign that repairs are already needed. That bad smell indicates that mold is present inside the air conditioning system. This problem should not be ignored since breathing in mold can cause allergic reactions and respiratory health issues.

To keep these issues at bay, maintaining your A/C system habitually is crucial. This will also minimize the need for costly repairs and prolong its lifespan. Getting it serviced can save you money and boost up its efficiency.

4. Strange Noises

Strange Noises

Another sign that your vehicle’s A/C system is failing is when you hear strange noises. If you turn it on, you must hear the fan blowing cool air. If you hear a rattling or banging sound instead, then something is wrong with it. These strange noises can be caused by a worn out condenser, debris clogging the fan, and a faulty fan belt. Failure to service your AC system will result in a costly breakdown.

5. Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks will cause your car’s air conditioning system to break down. And without a refrigerant, cold air won’t come out of the vents. This A/C issue is quite difficult to diagnose since refrigerant evaporates when exposed to air, and thus cannot be seen. You should hire a reputable automotive technician to detect and fix this air conditioning problem.

car Compressor Oil Leaks

6. Compressor Oil Leaks

Any leak of compressor oil will compromise the ability of the A/C system to function properly. It won’t produce cool air anymore. You can’t visibly tell that the unit has a leak; however, you can tell if your car’s air conditioner is suddenly unable to produce cool air. When this happens, take your car to an auto repair shop for preventative measures. A reputable technician can detect any sign of an oil leak before the problem becomes worse.

7. Compressor Clutch Isn’t Moving

This indicates a problematic compressor. The compressor’s clutch allows the pulley to disengage and engage from engine power so that the compressor will only turn on when needed. The clutch can seize or break. Replacing the entire compressor is the best solution to this problem.

Keep in mind that the A/C compressor is the system’s heart. So whenever you notice that your A/C compressor or any component of your car’s A/C system is having problems, have the system diagnosed by a credible technician. They should also be tasked with replacing the A/C compressor or repairing the unit for you. The sooner you get it checked out by a reliable service provider, the sooner you will be back on the road, enjoying in the nice, cool air inside your vehicle as you drive.

About Author : A Georgia native, Troy McGraw started Road Rescue Incorporated in 2014, specializing in tractor and trailer emergency breakdown road service. As the president of Road Rescue, Inc., his goal is to provide quality, dependable service to the trucking industry. Road Rescue Incorporated is a growing, thriving, and respected company servicing the trucking industry in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia areas.