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A feature rich android spyware application has been designed by an Australian based company to spy on kids, employees, and spouses. There are more than 250 features allowing the user to monitor almost all the activities performed on a mobile phone and the information stored on the hard drive of that device.

Android Spyware

The tracking feature of the software let you locate the target device and the happenings in the surrounding of that device. After the successful installation of the app, the user can monitor, control and operate the target device anywhere and anytime by logging onto the personalized user login. The makers have named this worthwhile Android monitoring app TheOneSpy.

What is good in it?

There are various android monitoring applications readily available in the market; however, we have found TheOneSpy one of the finest and reliable spy applications. It works with complete secrecy without giving any clue to the target.

Ensure your kids safety with monitoring and tracking

If you are a suspicious mom whose teen is planning a night out with friends, you might want to be familiar with everything happening in that get-together. This application will let you capture photos using Camera bug feature and record short videos of the party with Spywithcam remotely operating your kid’s smartphone. You can also record the voices and sounds heard in the surroundings of the target device using the MIC bug feature. Also, you can know the exact location of your kid with the GPS location tracker and can get notified when your kid enters restricted or unsafe area.

Catchyour cheating partner

Are you noticing some change in your husband’s habits or activities? Is it because of workload or he has second thoughts in his minds? You can get to know the real reason reading the messages and listening to the incoming and outgoing calls of your spouse, and this is possible with this Android spy program. You cannot just listen to the live calls but also record and intercept that calls as well as getting the information about the contact numbers and name of the callers or to whom calls are made.

Boost productivity by monitoring employees

To have a check on your employees’ activities during office hours with an aim to limit unnecessary processes and boost productivity, this software can help you in various ways. After getting on-paper consent from your employees, you can monitor their internet and mobile phone activities, access their emails sent and received using Gmail, track location of carrier workers, read their conversation via SMS, Instant Messaging or social media apps, and much more.

Monitor internet and social media habits

This is the generation that cannot imagine life without social media and the internet. Our teens consider social media a significant part of their lives and are spending roughly 9 hours a day socializing online. The parents need to be aware of their kids’ social media and internet habits so they can ensure the safety of their offspring online and even in the real life. The IM Social Media feature of the Android surveillance app helps you track the Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Instagram, Snapchat and various other social media accounts of your children. You can also know who your kid’s friends are; what conversations they make and activities they perform.

Unveil the secreted multimedia files

There are now various third party applications allowing the user to hide photos, videos and other information stored on the smartphone. To make sure your teens or spouse are not hiding anything on their phones, you do not need to get their phone passwords. This app lets you discover anything stored on the hard drive of the target device whether it is downloaded photos, videos recorded from the phone, multimedia files received through MMS or emails.

Operate the target device remotely

The best advantage of having this Android spyware is that the user cannot just monitor the activities performed on the target device but can also remotely operate and control it. You can start and pause and prevent the target from texting or listening to calls or using the internet while driving.

Note:The biggest limitation of this application is that some of its features only work on a rooted or jailbroken phone.

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