Apps For Developing Social and Emotional Skills

There are so many people of variety of ages suffering from social and emotional phobias. They feel difficulty in sharing their problems with others. In today’s time, where internet has taken over all other technologies, apps are being designed which are easily available on stores in smartphones. These apps are extremely useful to develop social and emotional skills. Not only are they easily accessible but also, very easy to use. Those who are very shy to consult a counselor to overcome their phobias, find these apps as blessings in disguise.

Stories 2 learn

Through this app, parents, guardians or instructors can create their own stories. They can add images, texts and voice notes in these stories. Through these stories a person can learn how to read and write, spend their spare time in a fun way, and improve their social skills. The maker of the story can add any message to teach the learner various forms of communication and social skills like how to initiate a conversation, how to react on an eye contact etc. The stories will put a certain situation before you and then it will teach you how to behave “rightly” in that situation. For instance, if someone approaches you and says hi moving forth his hand, you are supposed to say hi back and shake hands with him. It basically teaches mannerisms that the society accepts and appreciates.

Quick cues

The target users of this particular app are grown-ups rather than children. The module of communication comes as default with it whereas four other modules are to be bought in order to use them, each of them costs $4.99. The communication module teaches how to attend someone’s call and skills on how to appear as if you really want to talk to the other person on call. It teaches how to first inform the other person of your identity before beginning the conversation and so many other things alike.

Youper: anxiety assistant

This app is a guide that helps you step by step, to overcome your social phobia and anxiety. It offers you to do some exercise that helps you know yourself better. It helps you find out what your problems actually are deep down and then gives you a perfect and practical solution as well. After using this app, you will end up becoming more confident and your riddled life will become much less complicated. The interface is very user-friendly and interactive.


Many psychologists suggest using this app to their patients. This is one of the best social anxiety apps. It has an addition of two new situations that are “sleeping” and “overcoming deep emotions”. This app will completely alter the way you take anxiety. It will give you the strength that you just need to face anxiety.

How to Win Friend & Inf People

You can listen to the audio book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie on this app. This is a very popular book and the best thing is that this app is free of cost. This app will help to instill both, leadership as well as communication skills in you. This app is summarized with famous success quotes by the author. The basic ideologies which the app caters are:

  • Basic trick to deal with people
  • Twelve methods by which you can convince others that your thinking is right
  • Six ways by which you can get liked by others
  • How to become a leader
  • How to change someone’s thinking without upsetting them

There is few more site where you can download educational video, tutorials. you can also download video from Instagram using Instagram Video Downloader .


positive penguins app

Do you want your child to achieve very high in life? For that, you will have to mold their perception about everything. The Positive Penguins is an entertaining informative app designed to assist your child to become strong enough and guides them into encountering the challenges life throws their ways with courage and steadfastness. The ideology behind making children strong is that all the pessimistic stories we hear are not always genuine. It basically teaches them the art of bringing positivity in everything. This is an excellent app to help kids understand that their emotions come from their thinking rather than the situation. The key to our success and happiness is being mindful of our thinking and to be able to challenge our negative thoughts.


Affirmation is extremely beneficial to run a successful business, lead a happy and content life, for learning new subjects, overcoming phobias and in short everything.

How would you define affirmation? It is the method by which you again and again communicate with yourself or others. For instance, before sleeping every night if you cry out loud to yourself “I am going to have a sound sleep tonight”, then you will definitely be going to have one. That is human psychology.  There are numerous fulfilling affirmation categories in this app which are written in the form of a list. You can select any category that you are stuck in. It will help you focus on your goals and eradicate all negative thoughts and emotions. Furthermore, it will help you overcome low self-esteem issues as well and you will find yourself transforming into a whole new confident person.


This is basically an app that allows you to listen to audios by Andrew Johnson, who, with his hypnosis lights up a beacon of hope for those suffering from social phobia. The users claim to experience drastic positive changes in the way they behave in social gatherings and areas crowded by people. They say the change is continuous and increases with every day. The suggestions are subtle and soon you will begin to believe every word that Andrew speaks in the audios and hence, the way you evaluate situations will change soon.


Dr. Mark Bower has created this app after spending many years assisting young people figure out their social phobia issues. This app allows its users to do some exercises, learn some strategies and acquire knowledge of some tips that can be implied into practical life to attain their social aims.





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