Car Waxing Tips for a Showroom Shine Finish

It is the pleasure of all car owners to have their car looking brand new, and shining all the time. This can be made possible with the proper maintenance of the car, which is not only the washing of the car, but also its frequent waxing.

Here are a few tips that have to be followed to make sure that you get the ultimate shine from car waxing:

  1. Ensure that your car is washed, and well dried before you apply the wax. If remains wet, it won’t give the desired effect.

Car Washing

  1. Choose a good quality car wax; if doubtful ask the car dealer which car wax is suitable for your car. This is because some car waxes contain abrasives that may damage the car paint; so it is always better to use a non-abrasive wax on your car.


  1. Never apply the wax on car when it is too hot or cold; so wax with the car parked in a shady and cool place.


  1. Now, dip a moist wax sponge into the car wax and apply it on the car in small circles. Well, a thin coat of wax provides the best result, besides the excess wax is going to be moped out anyway.

waxing tips

  1. The method you apply for car waxing is also very important. For the trunk, roof and the hood, the best way of using the wax is from front to back. In contrast, on the side sections, apply the wax with up-down motions.


  1. After applied the wax, start removing it from the region where you started. How long you keep the wax on the car depends on the dealer’s instructions.


  1. This has to be done with the help of soft terry towels or cloth diapers which are used to wipe off wax in the same order you had applied it.


  1. Use a soft terry towel or cloth diapers to get rid of the wax. Apply firm pressure to the towel when wiping it off. The much better way to removing wax and getting the perfect shine is to use an electric buffer.

electric buffer

  1. Shake this diaper or towel as you work in order to avoid streaking and wax buildup on the car. Hereafter, lean on the car’s surface to check its front, back and sides if there is any remaining wax. Now polish the car using a cloth diaper or cheesecloth.


  1. When washing your used towels, pads and cloths, wash them with liquid fabric softener so that they remain soft. This prevents them from scratching the car the next time they are used for waxing the car.

If you plan to use the same fabrics and cloths for waxing your car the next time, ensure that you clean all with a liquid fabric softener so that they remain soft. This prevents scratching on the car paint when used the next time.

I am sure these car waxing tips will help you in keeping your loved car looking attractive and gleaming. So follow these tips and deliver a new look to your car.

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