Case Study of Google Webmaster Tools 2017

Why is Google so successful? That is the question every website owner asks to himself. Google has done a lot to achieve the position of best search engine. Goggle is also one of the top brands in the world today.

Google Webmaster Tools is one of the many gifts of internet that allows website owners to index their web pages quickly. Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is the main mechanism for Google to communicate with webmasters. GWT aids internet users to identify problems with the site and allows users to know if their sites are infected with malware (a computer program designed to have harmful effects).


The best part of GWT is that it is free. If you do not have a GWT account, then you can get one for free. You must prove that you are authorized users of the site before accessing GWT data on your website. You will have to go through the verification process to access GWT data. After verifying your account, you can login and start to examine the data for your site.



Let us study about Google Webmaster Tools in detail:

Site Messages section of GWT is the place where Google communicate with the webmaster. There may be messages that may inform you that your pages are infected with malware; however, there is a possibility that you will see congratulation messages for increase in traffic to one or more of your pages.


Point to be noted: Site messages provide key information to internet users.

Clicking gear icon on the search console of Google Webmaster Tools give users the access to Site Settings. In Site Settings, you will have the option to set your preferred domain and crawl rate. Change of Address is another option that can be accessed from gear icon of the search console of GWT; you should use this option if your site is moving to a new domain.


Point to be noted: Site settings help users to set up their preferred domain.

Google Analytics Property is one of the many options of GWT from where users can create Google Analytics account. Users and Property Owners option of GWT shows authorized users and their levels of authorization. A new user can be added in the section, Users & Property Owners. Verification Details is the section where users can see verification issues or successes.

Point to be noted: Google Analytics can be linked to GWT.

Associates section of GWT allows users to associate different Google accounts with GWT account. Structured Data section of Search Appearance will show structured data elements to users. Data Highlighter section allows users to help Google identify some types of structured data on the pages without the need of code.

Point to be noted: Structured data elements are shown to users.

HTML Improvements is a subsection of Search Appearance that helps users find out issues with title and description tags. Links to your Site is a subsection of Search Traffic section of GWT that tells you about the links that are targeting to your website. You can also find information about Internal Links in Search Traffic section. Manual Actions tell users about manual webspam actions.

Point to be noted: Information about internal links can be found.

Index Status is a subsection of Google Index, and allows users to track status of their sites within the Google Index. You may need to remove a particular URL for some reasons, then you can remove the URL with the help of Remove URLs section of Google Index.

Point to be noted: URLs that are not needed anymore can be removed.

Crawl Errors is a subsection of the section, Crawl in GWT. In Crawl Errors section, users will find out the errors that Google has detected while crawling to the site in last 90 days. Crawl Stats is another subsection of Crawl that gives users the idea about how fast the crawlers are able to read pages on the site.

Point to be noted: Crawling matters a lot to search engines.

Fetch as Google is a very useful option in Google Webmaster Tools that helps users to fetch a page of their websites that have undergone changes. You can put the pages that you do not want to crawl in the file, robots.txt. Sitemaps can be tested by you in GWT if you click the add/test sitemap button; it will tell you if your sitemap is valid or not.

Point to be noted: Fetching helps search engines to get updated information.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) Parameters can be inserted in your URLs if you want your URL to track information about a click. Security Issues is the section where Google will list out if there is a malware or security with your site.

Point to be noted: URL Parameters help URLs track information about a click.

Web Tools section of GWT give users the access to following subsections: Ad Experience Report, Desktop, Mobile, Testing Tools, Other Resources, and Search Console. Ad Experience Report will tell the users if their site violates the better ads standards. Clicking on the Other Resources section of Web Tools shows many useful options to the website user.

Point to be noted: GWT aids users with many useful functions.

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