cloud comuting

Managed Cloud Hosting v/s Grid Computing: Similarities and Differences

Even though a difference does exist between fundamental concepts of grid and managed cloud hosting, it doesn’t mean they’re mutually exclusive. It’s feasible to infuse cloud oriented services in computational grid and vice versa whereas they can be same networks, represented in different ways. To get cloud computing functional, consider three factors namely; thin clients […]

Ways of Changing the World with Technology

Technology has made our lives much easier and efficient more than ever; technology has touched every field of life by improving it further. Everything we encounter in our daily lives is the blessing of technology. Unparalleled efforts and inventions of technology have made human life much easier and convenient by providing unlimited options to deal […]

blockchain explained

BlockChain: The Key to All Small Businesses and Startups

BlockChain has revolutionized the online system of transactions with the advent of bitcoin as crypto currency instigating the mode of payment for small businesses. BlockChain is a database which includes the record of all the online bitcoin transactions executed in bitcoin crypto currency. It is the largest public ledger of bitcoin transaction as the chain […]

cyber attack

8 Most Bizarre Cyber Attacks in The History Aside From Ransomware

You may have caught wind of Ransomware..!! Right..?? If not then please google this word “Ransomware”, you will become acquainted with how capable digital assault it was. It has shaken more than 150 nations. Would you be able to envision.. 150 countries..!! That much effective it was.. Be that as it may, this was not […]

uber x driverless car

Uber Self-Driving Cars still Remain On the Roads Even After a Mishap

There was a time when people use to drive the cars on the streets and highways in the cities and highways. For a few, it helped them to reach their work or home in a seamless and comfortable way. There are a few for whom driving a car is a passion and every single time […]

Whatsapp for desktop

Gadgets are Preferable Than the Desktop to Access the Whatsapp

As we know that the messaging app of Whatsapp is dominating the world by its feature. It has so many advanced features and techniques with it to achieve certain projects. As the technology development, every people are using the handheld devices of Android and iPhone. Through those mobile networks, we can access this messaging app […]