Have you ever envied the carefree travelers backpacking through India? They seem to have all the money in the world to spend on a trip and don’t seem worried about it drilling holes in their wallets. But the one thing we forget is that for these foreign tourists, India is one of the cheapest countries to visit. They choose to travel to traverse through India because the currency they hold, be it the Dollar, Euro, or the Pound, weigh much more than the Indian Rupee. This is what makes India one of the cheapest countries to visit for foreigners. But worry not! As an Indian passport holder, you have the option of several cheapest countries to visit as well. Be smart and book cheap flights ahead by at least 4-6 months and you will be amazed at how cheap your trip turns out to be. You will never be gladder to be an Indian passport holder.

The cheapest countries to visit on an Indian passport are:


One of the most cheap foreign trips from India you can take to is to the neighboring Nepal. Perhaps one of the cheapest countries to visit ever on an Indian passport, Nepal is one of the most scenic places in the world. From stunning snowcapped mountain peaks and adventure activities to fishing in pristine waters and tasting delectable local cuisine, there are tons of awesome things you can do in Nepal without having to worry about spending too much. Cheap flights will cost you as less as INR 4500 from New Delhi and will be even cheaper if you book them well in advance. Visit Nepal, one of the best places to visit near India, and be glad you’re an Indian passport holder.

Cheapest country to visit on Indian passport


Arguably the most popular travel destination for all Indian passport holders, Thailand’s fame exceeds all boundaries. But did you know that Thailand is also one of the cheapest countries to visit? No one would have guessed it but yes, Thailand is that magical place that offers something or the other to all types of tourists. Truly one of the cheapest countries to visit, on your trip to Thailand on an Indian passport you can expect to enjoy stunning natural beauty, exciting nightlife, and loads of delicious food. A flight can cost less than INR 10,000 if booked well in advance and you can wrap up an entire 3-4 day trip in less than INR 30,000!

Cheapest country to visit on an Indian Passport


Probably one of the cheapest countries to visit after Nepal, Bhutan is a mesmerizing place for Indian passport holders to explore. Actually, Bhutan you can reach Bhutan via road and not even need an Indian passport. Hire a cab or take a bus to Bhutan and it will cost you probably INR 2000 per head or even less. Remarkable landscapes, serene monasteries, and breathtaking Himalayan tours, expect to enjoy all these and more on your trip to Bhutan. You can enjoy Bhutan, truly one of the cheapest countries to visit whether you’re an Indian passport holder or not as it falls within the category of cheapest countries to travel without passport from India.


Vietnam is one of the most popular and cheapest countries to visit for Indian passport holders. It’s incredibly cheap prices combined with scenic natural beauty lure Indian passport holders for a visit. There are scores of things you can enjoy doing in Vietnam, one of the cheapest countries to visit, such as going on a Yacht cruise, strolling along bustling marketplaces, exploring the stunning wildlife, frolicking on its pristine beaches, or relaxing at the local pubs while enjoying delicious Vietnamese cuisine. There can be no bigger gift than a visit to Vietnam for Indian passport holders. Cheap flights will cost around INR 16-18,000 and less if booked in advance and you can complete a 5-day trip in less than INR 40-45,000.


Believe it or not, Singapore really is one of the cheapest countries to visit on an Indian passport! Famous for its culture, architecture, food, nightlife and whatnot, Singapore is the place most Indian passport holders have included on their must-visit list. One of the cheapest foreign tour packages from India, flights to Singapore can cost as less as INR 14,000 or less if booked ahead of travel, ensuring you huge savings. You can cover major attractions in Singapore in a mere few days and complete a 3-4 day trip in less than INR 40,000 if spent wisely. The swanky and stylish Singapore if one of the best foreign cheapest countries to visit on an Indian passport.

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