Ways to Differentiate Between a Real and Fake Diamond

Diamonds are a masterpiece. It is an extraordinary work of art which leaves you fascinated. The artistic cut and brilliant shine makes it the king of all gems. However, these days, fraudulent diamonds are also available in market and customers are cheated easily because even they have the similar shine and appearance like that of a real diamond. To avoid getting cheated and differentiating a real diamond from a fake one is a real difficult task and it needs a lot of finesse and eye to detail.

Let us go through the easy ways to identify a real diamond before taking it to a gemologist or any professional and making it a lengthy and time consuming process.

1.Identification through loupe: 

Natural diamonds are imperfect. A real diamond is a stone having irregular shape and super natural shine. In case of any doubt or question, use a jeweler’s microscope to examine the real gem. See the imperfections and edges which makes this stone unique from others. A real diamond has clear cut facet lines possessing refractivity. Examining the metal on which the stone is mounted also helps to identify whether a diamond is real or fake. A real diamond will always be mounted on pure gold or platinum, and not on gold-plated casting, as a brilliant stone only deserves an equally brilliant metal.

2.Using a sandpaper

A real diamond doesn’t have any scratches and abrasions, which gives it a clear cut brilliant shine as it scatters light falling on its edges. To confirm the that a particular diamond is real, scratch it with a sandpaper. As diamonds are one of the hardest stones in the world, the sandpaper should not leave any dainty scratch on this gem. It should prove that only a diamond can cut another diamond.

3.Glitter test:

This is the test in which a diamond needs to be exposed to sunlight and the way in which sun’s rays bounce back from the surface need to observed. The colour which it radiates will act as an identification mark to distinguish between a real and a fake diamond. If it’s a real diamond, it will give out grey and white colour with a rainbow tinge at edges. A fake diamond will give out rainbow tinge right from the centre.

4.Fog test:

This test involves exposing the stone to warm air. A real diamond is a good conductor of heat so it should not possess a layer of steam or fog. If the stone is fake, it will be resistant to heat with a layer of moisture on it.

5.Refraction test:

This is the ultimate test to check the originality of real diamond. To carry out this test, place the stone on plain sheet of paper and check for the shadow of it. If the shadow happens to be dark like an opaque then you can say that the stone is not real. A real diamond gives out a lustrous shine as light scatters through its facets and creates a shadow of radiance and sparkle. If you see a clear cut dazzling illumination of scattered light, it means that the stone is real.

Furthermore there is another test to place the diamond on the text and if the text gets enlarged then it is a fake one otherwise original diamond.

So above mentioned are some of the ways or tests by which you can identify whether a diamond is real or fake. These were some of the easiest tests which can be performed at home too and you do not need a professional gemologist for it.