Eleven Desert / Sand Driving Tips

sand drivingCar driving is one of the most pleasurable moments that lets you to explore some of the whelming locations across the globe. When it comes to drive on the desert locations, you need to be wise enough in adapting proper drive machine and showcase your driving excellency. The North-Western region in India is mostly covered with desert tropical regions, but has some of the most exotic traveling spots to explore. To drive on the locations like Rajasthan’s Thar Desert, you must be aware about the following desert driving tips:-

1.When you drive on desert roads, you must ensure that you drive a vehicle that has good height. SUVs or four wheel drive crossovers are considered as good options to drive on the desert surface.


2. Prior you begin your desert expedition, ensure that you get your vehicle properly checked. Get the proper and high quality tyres installation in your car as it would give tough base to the vehicle and will help to cross the sand dunes quite easily. Do remember to carry a balanced inflated spare wheel as a substitute.


desert safe driving tips

3. Always ensure that you carry a tool kit while you are out for long journeys. Tool kit should include tyre tools, pliers, screwdrivers, extra motor oil, wrenches, spare fuses, jumper cables, an extra radiator hoses and fan belts. The car must also be equipped with a fire extinguisher and shovel for digging a sand stucked car. You can also add a heavy chain to tow the car.


4. While traveling in desert plans and hilly areas, it is advisable to travel in groups or with a convoy vehicle. Most often it happens that a vehicle gets stucked in desert, therefore, if a back up vehicle is available it becomes easier to get the stucked vehicle out of the sand. You can load the convoy carrier with the necessary stuff like food and daily supplies.


5. Always check the weather forecasts prior you plan to go on desert traveling as the desert regions most often face with thunder storms. Read more : Top 10 simple Tricks To Double Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency


6. Sometimes, the sand adjustments on deserts are very loose that cannot bear heavy load of car, hence you must check the length of soft desert section by feet. In case you do not have an extra convoy or back up vehicle, try to avoid rushing on the soft part of desert. This prevents the vehicle from getting stucked in desert.


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7. Seek for the regions covered with mud and avoid traveling through them or seek for the alternative routes. Mud can sometimes stuck even the four wheel drive vehicles and also it dirts the vehicle.


8. Desert roads most often have deep ruts and high centers. The ridge of desert can be so high that it can cause a lot of damage to your running machine or can severely stuck it.


9. If you are running your vehicle in a straight direction towards a steep dune and the rear end starts slipping sideways, it is advisable to accelerate marginally as it provides more strength and stability to the vehicle. Avoid using brakes while drive on deserts as the brakes transfer the weight to the front wheels, thereby increasing the chances of vehicle getting stuck.


10. While turning on desert surfaces, enhance the turning radius of your car i.e. take long turns as it allows the vehicle to turn more smoothly without getting stuck. The front wheel of car acts like a rudder and when you take sharp turns, it stucks the tyres.


11. It is always advisable to drive slowly as it not only allows you to move safely in desert but also prevents the vehicle from getting jammed in mud or sand.

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