Football Manager 2018: New Feature,UK Release Date

The release of Football Manager 2018 on November 10 over tech giants like Mac, PC, and Linux created much buzz among the soccer fans around the world. The promise to find many new features amused the followers who are now longing to discover them.

The games seem better now than ever by having a new match engine, which has enhanced the appearance of players and stadiums.

Well, the cherry on top is the new fascinating ‘dynamics’ features. To learn more about them keep reading!

New match engine

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An updated match engine version has taken the football match experience to next level. It makes the game look even better and more interactive.

Players can move more realistically and humanly along with having refined and sleek models, that gives them a real look. The animation shows smooth movements of characters and perfect angles for every move. Moreover, in the interface, the users can enjoy an upgraded version of the stadium. The pool full of stadium designs helps users choose the design that adds variation in your game.

The built-in camera has many customization options that can help you enjoy from a data analyst’s viewpoint, the game from bird’s eye.

Sports science overhaul

The Sports scientists play a huge role this year in the interface of the game. It eliminates the need for physiotherapists to treat players.

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The team’s scientist will evaluate your training; they will tell you that players are more vulnerable to injuries and other physical issues. These scientists will provide a brief comparison of the injury record with those of other teams included in the league.

There is a new tab named “Medical Centre”; it provides a comprehensive analysis of every sports-related injury. The guide can help you in almost everything related to fitness and injury. It can suggest you workouts, weight measurements, and diet plan based on your injury. You can even get to know the duration of your exercise.


The introduction of “Dynamic” is known to be by far the most interesting introduction to the infrastructure this year.

This new feature talks about the influence of interactions in the changing rooms along with the ways as to how you can monitor social groups. It tells about the ways that can affect your performance on the pitch. An enthusiastic team will play more perfectly and smoothly whereas a fractured team will not be able to compete or demonstrate their full potential on the pitch.

Team heads are the most suitable candidates and participants for the captain’s armband. You can even communicate directly with them for finding out the possibility of any resulting issues rising among the players. You can talk to them about finding ways through which team’s cohesion can be enhanced.

Scouting overhaul

Scouting wonder kids are so far one of the most critical parts of Football Manager 2018. The database of games played is so comprehensive and elaborated that many real-life football players use it.

Many sports Interactive have joined hands to contribute efforts for bringing some noticeable changes and upgrades in the database. It has updated the scouting network greatly.

Scouting has its own budget that users can increase or decrease as per their requirements. However, be careful as it can create an impact on the budgets in different areas. Users can choose scouting members along with assigning them their different task. You can even choose your own self by doing the scouting.


Furthermore, the exciting new feature “scouting focus’ allows users to be specific with their scouting instructions. It will also send general assignments to scouts for an unlimited amount of time.

In addition, during the window, if one wants to identify a target quickly, he or she can directly scout on any short-term assignments. It means they will leave everything else and have to attend matches for finding the perfect signing.

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