Why Google’s Self-Driving Car Experts Quit?

After years of consistent innovation, Google came up with the new idea of building a self-driving car. They estimated a big cost to come on the way as it sets a path to commercialization.

driverless car

As the project started developing in the background, Google announced a major break through that they are going to abandon the idea of standalone self-driving car and joining hands with the existing automakers. They both partnered to create a giant innovation that focus on ride-sharing. Later, the company spun-off into separate company called Waymo!!

After the mission of setting a safe and easy car for travelling. The company deeply involved in making the building phase. But, as the projects hits on few developments. A bad news circled around the team and Google was under immense pressure to shut up or put down the project.There came a weird story from the team of google self-driving car expert’s.

What was the strange story?

The self-driving car engineers of google faced an unusual problem. As they aimed at obtaining a huge response after the project completion. They started the “unusual compensation system” which paid the employees enough salaries and few bonuses. They also paid equity which were multiplied by as much as 16 in certain case. On the whole, the compensation range crossed around multi-millions.

google self driving car

After reaching a specific milestone, Waymo celebrated its success by paying their employees great rewards but the actual self-driving car was yet to develop.Now, the employees had enough money to quit their job being the richest people. Once Bloomberg reported that, the employees had enough money to quit their stable tech jobs. Few top employees left the firm and started their own innovation in self-driving.

Newer employees never face such problems and they’re being paid for their work.

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