How is Technology Changing Advertising

Technology is transforming the way marketing is done as people become more exposed to it than ever. Several advertising firms are facing the brunt of this transformation, as they have to keep up with the pace with which technology is inventing itself.

The major challenge that brands face is to be able to connect to its target audience via all the devices in real time in order create campaigns that work across various communication channels.

Advertising has become more competitive and tougher than ever before. Advertising agencies are compelled to come up with strategies that help brands interact with their customers as directly and personally as possible. With the real time interaction feature being used by brands to reach out to their customers have completely altered the nature of marketing. There is a huge challenge for getting creative marketers to work alongside the technical staff.

There are 3 aspects where the marketing has been transformed in digital terms- Speed, relevance and reach. Digital marketing has obviously increased the speed with which the content reaches the audience. But not only has it affected the speed, but also the relevancy of the content as well. Campaign messages can be targeted with laser focus on the target audience, making content available to only those who have the potential to convert to regular customers.  The reach has also grown exponentially because of the number of ways a brand can reach out to its target audience is abundant. This is where the real skill & expertise of the creative firms come into play. They are responsible for coming up with clutter-breaking, innovative ways to advertise a brand and create an impact in the market.

Some of the major changes that has taken the advertising by storm are –

  1. Videos: A few years ago the moving ads were only found on the TV or in the theatres but with the advancement in the digital space, advertising has taken over the videos on the Internet. Advertising agencies are using this medium to its fullest with innovative ads. Videos are always more powerful than the static ads and thus lot of brands prefer releasing videos on social platforms.

  2. Multiple Formats: Advertising is becoming more and more innovative with the new technologies that are coming up. Using technology as a support advertising agencies are creating clutter breaking ads in the most unexpected and oddest of places to catch a consumer’s attention. For eg: advertising on the airports or inside metros etc.

  3. Reaching the People on their devices: Advertising agencies are using wifi networks to connect to their audience. With so many people using their mobiles to access the Internet, it’s only logical to use the medium to the fullest to advertise. This technology will help your target audience to see an ad whenever they are connected to a wifi network.

Advertisers have to keep up with the technology. Technology is ever evolving and will continue to do so in the coming time and in order to keep up with the changing technology and be in the game. Moreover, as the technology is evolving, the number of people having access to the Internet has increased several manifolds. This means that a lot of people are consuming content on a daily basis. In order to grab the consumer’s attention, the agencies have to keep finding new ways to break through the clutter and do something innovative.  They need to come up with innovative strategies to create great content for the brands online.

The challenge that the marketing agencies face is to always be updated with the latest developments in the technologies and also to make their work smarter in order to keep up with the fast paced, and relevant digital campaigns. They must work closely with the digital experts who would help them in strategizing their digital campaigns. One of the very important qualities that an advertising agency must possess is of curiosity. Curiosity will lead to learning about new technologies with an open mind, and help in creating some kickass campaigns.

Lastly, a marketer or a creative agency will have to accept this change and know that only those who can balance this digital advancement along with delivering excellent work for their clients, will survive in this industry.

About Author :
​​Tarun is the Content Manager at Brandbazooka Advertising a creative advertising firm in Delhi NCR. So? He help startups and businesses to reach their target audience and grow their businesses by crafting great content that converts. He has been studying digital marketing for many years, and he has been successful in growing multiple businesses with effective digital strategies. Connect with @tarunrao1992 on Twitter.

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