How To be Far More Productive than You Currently Are

How To Be More Productive in Life, How To Live a More Productive Lifestyle

How To be Far More Productive

Focus more, be more productive 

It is believed that even 20% of your efforts can get you about 80% of results. Then why your 100% doesn’t get you 100%? Simple – you think you’re giving your 100% but actually you aren’t. This is because you aren’t always focusing to that level. So, what is most important? Just one thing – FOCUS – if you are truly focused your efforts will get you more results than expected.

No idea where your time gets drained away, right?

This is the case with almost every Internet savvy execute of our times. And if you’re somebody who never keeps others waiting for a reply, the case is same. Yes, your promptness in replying an email can be one of the biggest time stealers. Wondering, what if it is really urgent? Well, urgent mails need to be handled differently but then try to be precise and if it doesn’t seem to be working, better make a call and clear up the things. Sometimes making a call takes lesser time than typing an entire mail. Apart from mails, keep other social channels off while you’re working or fix a proper time for them and stick to the schedule.

A good night’s sleep promises a good working day

It is absolutely fine to watch a scary, eerie, and perfectly shuddery horror movie late at night and kill the joy of sleep (as you’ll be too scared to sleep!) but only on a Friday or Saturday night when you know you won’t have to rush out of the bed next morning! Give your brain a good dose of sleep and have a relaxing good night’s sleep. This will tremendously affect your productivity.

Just a bit or exercise and whole lot of energy and freshness!

So, you are giving good amount of sleep to your mind, huh? That’s a great job indeed! But next on the list is – Good Amount of Oxygen – yes your brain breathes the way you do and it needs whole lot of oxygen just the way you want. So, what you’re going to do? Planning to talk to a scientist to get to special oxygen cylinders that can be attached right onto your head!! Sorry, this isn’t possible yet. Yes, even if you meet some ultra-smart engineer working for you! But then, you have good old way working in a real good way for you! A slight dose of EXERCISE will solve your predicament! You can go for a 20 minutes brisk walk or 15 minutes cycling/swimming or an hour long session of aerobics or simply decide to kick start your day with a kicking cool jog! This is up to you. But remember you aren’t preparing for a marathon or Olympics. Keep it easy. Don’t over-do it.  And most importantly enjoy what you do.

Next on the list is — healthy, nourishing, scrumptious breakfast 

So you had good sleep, did a good amount of yoga/exercise, had a refreshing bath? Good going, now it is time for listening to the hunger pangs that are literally growling from inside your stomach!  Start your day with health and filling breakfast. Don’t skip it as it will hinder the entire metabolism taking place inside your body. Take a glass of fresh juice, eat fruit, your favorite cereals, just anything that fulfills your calorie requirements as well as provide you with rich amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc.

Stop multi-tasking 

Though most people think that multi-tasking make them smart, the truth is other way around. Most of the time multi-tasking spoils your work speed. It is also bad for your attention. As our brain needs some time to understand and get attentive about a task, doing too many things at the same time will split your brain’s attention span. This will then affect your performance. So, if you think, picking up a call, typing a mail, going through the sales file, and preparing a project presentation at the same time won’t hurt, you’re absolutely wrong. You may even end up typing what you were suppose to say on the call and speaking what you wanted to write! And still worse, if your presentation content highlights the points that you needed to highlight on the sales file!!

Kill that really long To-Do list 

Of course, you may have a whole lot of work to do. But putting all those on the priority list will only lead to postponement of what is really very important. Create a proper To-Do list with tasks of greater priority on top and those with lesser priority at the end.

Take a break

This will help your brain in recovering the energy that it losses in doing whole lot of work all through the day. Pick up a comic book, or simply close your eyes and take some deep breath. Do anything that isn’t important and relaxing. This will help you concentrate well.