How to Convert JPEG to a Word Format

In everyday life activities that concern computer, we often need to edit content in an image. We used to type the whole text manually which was such a tiresome work. We also used to spend a lot of time doing it. Well, now we don’t have to do that anymore, as there is a software that converts JPEG images into word documents.

The JPEG to Word Converter uses the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. This technology will scan the individual characters, and compare them to the stored characters. Once the match is found, it will continue to the next character. This technology is used by many online converters. However, it will not be available if your internet connection is lost. So, there’s a solution to that problem: the offline converter software. I have tried many software, and this JPEG to word converter is the one I find the most fitting for me.

Convert JPEG to a Word Format

After the download you just have to follow the installing instruction, which is very detailed and easy to understand, to complete the setup of the program:

  • When the installing is done, open the program, then upload the JPEG file that you need to convert. You can do this by importing it from your computer or you can directly scan it with a scanner.
  • Then, when the uploading is completed, just choose the format of the output file on the list, which should be “Word” that needs to be checked.
  • After that, you choose the language of the input file. When all the above steps are done, click the “Save” button to save your image in doc format. And that is all you need to do to convert JPEG to Word.

However, do keep in mind that the converter has a few requirements about the input file as well. The quality of the image must be good enough so that the scanner can recognize the character. OCR cannot work properly if the quality of the input file is flawed. So, for the best performance of the software, I recommend using good quality images for better precisions when converting. And remember, the output file can be password protected. This is a security feature of the software to prevent unauthorized access to the output file. And also, for the security of the output file, to prevent illegal use of the file, a watermark can also be added to it. These are a few of the available security features of the software, which is one of the reasons why I like it and I choose to use it. However, this OCR technology is not a sure 100% accurate technology. The accuracy is heavily dependent on the quality of the input file. If the image quality is too bad, the image is too blurry or too confusing for the program to recognize, the output file will not precisely represent the input file and vice versa, the output file will be the exact representation of the input file if the quality of the image is good.


 JPEG to a Word Format GUESTBLOGGR

So that was my thought after experiencing the JPEG to word converter and my basic guide using the program along with some tips and some remarkable things when using the software. I think this software is really worth the download, and recommend using it over the online converter tools.

About the Author:

This Guest post is written by Ankit Nagpal, he is a software developer and a writer. He is an expert in the domains of printing, scanning, image editing, file formats, file conversions & document security. He is also the owner of a software company “Soft Solutions” that develops software in those domains.