How To Drive Safely in Dense Fog : Easy Tips

car driving on foggy road

When it comes to drive in one of the most crucial and threatening conditions, one would say, foggy conditions are the most unsuitable for driving a car. Winter season on the verge of arrival and roads would soon get faded with dense fog, wherein one can’t even see his own hand. Driving in fog is the biggest challenge for any car driver. It does not matter how excellently you drive usually, but what matters is how intelligently you drive on foggy streets. Beneath, you can see some driving tips that will allow you to drive quite easily during fog conditions –

Firstly, drive the car with low beam lights turned on:

Most often, car drivers forget to turn on the low beam lights in the foggy season. While driving in fog conditions, ensure that you first turn on the low beam lights. During days, it is not much necessary, but while driving in foggy nights always make sure that you drive with fog lights and low beam lights being turned on, as it would avail the drive maximum amount of road visibility, without hampering the low beam lights driving.

Avoid using high beam lights:

Rather than driving the car with low beams turned on, drivers generally drive the car with high beam lights turned on which can be hazardous as high beam lights avail lesser visibility to the driver and also distracts the car coming from the opposite direction.

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Always maintain the speed of your car:

There is always a threat for the driver and people sitting in the car, if their vehicle is running on a high speed limit. There is a proverb ‘Better be late than never’, which means that reaching late at the destination is affordable rather than making your life endangered. At the foggy situations, drive the vehicle in a limited speed limit. Always crosscheck your speedometer to ensure that your drive at a limited speed.

Ensure that the windscreen of the car is clean:  

car windscreen fogIn winter season, windscreen of the car gets filled with dust and gets dirty which in turn makes it indistinct because of fog and cold. While driving in fog use windscreen wipers at frequent intervals, this would not only clean the glass, but also keep the wipers healthy. To get a better visibility from the car always keep windscreen of your car clean.

Use indicators before turning the car:

car indicatorMost often car accidents in fog conditions occur due to negligence of using proper indicating signals or indicators while turning the car. Always remember to turn on your car’s turn indicator before you turn it. This would alert the car coming from your back side and the car coming from the opposite of your vehicle. Avoid taking sudden turns during fog conditions as this might lead to severe accident.

Being calm while driving the car in Fog conditions:

The last point that every car driver should consider while driving in foggy conditions is driving the car with full endurance and calmness.

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