How To Improve Your Child’s Performance Through Meditation

Is your child suffering some sort of mental disturbance? Is he/she performing poorly in school? Have you found your child drained out of energy and zeal? Well these are some of the problems that modern day parents are facing in their child’s upbringing, and the frustrating part is that such problems have no medicinal treatments, they seem to be useless. However, meditation has proved to be solving such problems of kids.

meditation for kids

Meditation is an ancient breathing technique which is used for health and spiritual purposes. Meditation is a breathing practice where an individual focuses on a particular activity or an object to attain mental tranquility. Since ages it has been used by sages and devotees to attain spiritual enlightenment, however, its benefits as a healing process have now been acknowledged around the world. Regular meditation provides with excellent health results not only for kids but for people of all age.  The process is simple and doesn’t require much effort or hard work to perform. One can simply sit down with their kid and enjoy the silence and calmness that mediation provides. It is a great form of exercise for the functioning of the brain, as it boosts the neurons and exhibits alpha rays from the pineal gland which optimizes brain functioning.

Increase in Attention

Meditation increases attention span of a child, which is a very crucial habit to develop at an early age.

Increase in attention will lead to:

  • Increase in your child’s performance in academics and other fields
  • Increase in attention will lead to an increase in quality of work
  • Develops a sharper mind of the child

Increase child Attention

A study conducted in 2004 shows that children suffering from ADHD behavior, after meditating with their parents twice a week showed an increase in their concentration level and also exhibited calm and tranquilized behavior. The process of meditation calms down your child’s mind and allows him/her to focus on a particular thing, which in turn, enhances your child’s performance in school and also creates a strong mental base for your child, which will help him/her in a future life.

Deals with The Mental Problem of Child

Meditation has long been used as a medicinal therapy for treating several mental illnesses, both for adults and children. However, mental illness can be very complex to detect at an early age, but if detected, it effectively deals with detected illness.  There have been number of experiments and studies where children suffering from anxiety disorders and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder) behavior have been exposed to meditational therapy, which resulted in lower stress and anxiety level.

Mental Problem of Child

Meditation deals with several mental illnesses such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and panic disorders
  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Even as severe as Schizophrenia can be treated with meditation

Increases Emotional Intelligence

Research has shown that meditating for at least 20 minutes a day increases your child’s ability to cope up with emotions. This can be considered to be a very crucial development regarding the overall development of your child.

An increased emotional can lead to:

  • Stable mind
  • Decreases the frequency of passing moods
  • Treats depression and even bipolar disorders in a child



According to researchers, meditation increases the volume of grey matter in the right orbital-frontal cortex and hippocampus regions of their brain which are responsible for regulating emotion. This helps a child at an early age to possess a still mind which proves to be beneficial for the child’s development in different aspects of life.

Increases Immunity of the Child

Children are considered to be very vulnerable to viruses and infections as their immune system is still at a developing age. However, following regular meditational courses will increase the immunity of your child. It regulates the blood flow in your child’s body, which leads the blood to each and every part of your child’s body.

Helps in Developing a Strong and Dynamic Personality

Meditation does an overall personality development of your child, which will make a strong base for your child for future opportunities. Meditating on a regular basis brings increases a sense of self-awareness, which leads to clarity in thoughts and opinions. This overall develops a base for a strong and a dynamic personality for children, which is essential to succeed in life.

Increases the Creativity of a Child

We all are aware of the power that creativity possesses, which makes it a very important trait of a person, which is not common with everyone. However, this is a proven fact that meditation has increased the creativity level in children. Researchers have found that after practicing meditation for a particular period of time, children have seen to have an increased creativity. Some have reported high inspirational level, whereas, some have reported a sense of sixth sense in use. A higher creativity level will, in turn, increase the child’s s ability to succeed in different aspects of life.

Improves Social Skills

Meditation increases a sense of self-awareness, clarity of thought and an ability to handle emotions, these all traits develop the empathetic side of a child, which makes him/her a better social being, compared to those who lack those qualities. It also makes a child a good listener, hence developing overall social skills of a child.

improve social skills

Improved social skills can be beneficial in following way:

  • Develops a humanitarian nature in a child making him/her a philanthropist
  • Develops leadership quality
  • Possesses an ability to work for society

Apart from this, meditation brings in a number of benefits in a child’s life, which is very crucial for a child’s sound physical, emotional and mental health. At last, it all sums up to-

Bringing an overall happiness in your child’s life

With an increase in creativity, social skills, sound emotional adaptability, It brings an overall sense of happiness in your child’s life. Meditation is an essential and beneficial technique which every parent should bring in their child’s life to make sure that your child stays happy, free of stress and compassionate towards life.


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