India Dominates in WhatsApp Video Calling

At the present, most of the folks prefer to make video calls rather than voice calls. Despite slow internet connections, the citizens of India love making video calls with the gigantic messaging service WhatsApp. This app is used by billions of people globally and it is said to be that the Indian users are the first when it comes to making video calls.

WhatsApp video call

As of the year 2017, there were over two hundred million active WhatsApp users in India. India stands at the first position for the video calling minutes of about fifty million video calling minutes per day. The report exclaims that the users make over fifty-five million calls per day, where this gigantic app is owned by Facebook. It is one of the simplest apps and also most widely used one at the present.

A Brief Sketch about WhatsApp Video Call Feature

The unknown fact is that the video call feature was already available for the beta users since earlier October. The video calls will be rolled out to one hundred and eighty countries within a short interval of time after the feature is introduced in India. The chat app has now more than one hundred and sixty million month active consumers making India the largest market for WhatsApp. India is the biggest country, where there are more active users than any other country in the world. Video calling mainly focuses a unique way in which the folks are in touch with their friends, family, and colleagues.

This amazing feature is the most attractive one and it makes to feel close to their well-wishers. There is no any separate button for the video calling. There are two options available in the app such as voice and video calls. The voice calling is known to everyone while the video call enables the users to view the live stream of the person he/she called through the chat app. There is also a special option available where a person can change from the primary camera to the secondary camera. An update has been given by WhatsApp where the call log will show all the call details including the video calls with a small video icon appearing on the side of the contacts video called.

Whether the Video Call can work on Poor Strength of Wifi?

The WhatsApp video can also work on the poor internet connections and the company has built the feature just like its voice calls. The company has built the product just like the voice calls if a person have a good network condition like Wifi or 4G and he/she will start moving to the conditions which are not that great and it will slightly have low resolution. It will still work but the quality will increase and also decreases depending upon the quality of the network.

WhatsApp available for Android beta Users

The video calling feature is available for the Android users. Actually, the real fact is that video calling feature is in its beta mode so that the WhatsApp beta users can access the feature. The video calling feature is in beta mode and it is only available for both Android and Windows Phone as of now, the iPhone users may get this updated video calling feature in the future. The Testers will have to update their app to the latest version in order to access the feature. The folks who don’t have their app updated one cannot make the video calls.

Specialized Features of WhatsApp

The gigantic messaging service Whatsapp recently rolled out some of the specialized features for both iOS and the Android users. The new feature also permits the folks to add some creative things over the images and the videos shot with the aid of app’s camera. The feature was first launched by a Spanish Website, which gave a statement that a few beta users viewed a video call option in the Windows handsets. In order to use the feature, it is required to update the chat app in the Play store and it is noted that this feature is in the default mode and it required no app update.

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With over one billion monthly active consumers, WhatsApp is the leading chat app globally.  The company gave a statement that it will share some of the details as contact numbers so that the famous social media Facebook can show the relevant advertisements to the folks. The gigantic messaging service has also bought video and pictures editing feature for the people who are using iPhone. At the initial stage, the feature was made available for the Android users by the chat app. The iOS users can also add content, emojis and even create some innovative over the photos and the videos shot by the app’s camera in a phone. The users can add the smiley photos so that the attractiveness can be increased.

The amazing Voicemail Feature

WhatsApp has released the voicemail feature a few months back for its iOS users and also it officially rolled out this update for the Android users. This updated regular voicemail feature allows the folks to send a voicemail to their colleagues, friends or family members in WhatsApp if he/she fails to take the WhatsApp call for any reason. At the initials stage, the update was released for the iOS users and then for the users who are using the Android phones.

What is the new Update in WhatsApp?

The folks can use this feature once they update the WhatsApp through the Google Play. Once the feature is enabled, the feature will allow the folks to leave voice messages. If a person calls his/ her friend on WhatsApp and if the call is missed or rejected, then the gigantic messaging service gives major options to the user such as call again, cancel and voice message. The call again feature allows the folks to call back the person and the cancel option is meant to close the window, which is viewed after the call is missed. The voice message allows the folks to send the important message.

New Beta Version of WhatsApp for Android Mobiles

The latest beta version for Android has also received an update which allows the folks to share the data with the multiple contacts and groups at the same time. In the earlier days, a person can share the data with one person at a time. The option to select the multiple used can be seen on the screen. This update is only available for the Android Beta version for WhatsApp.

In the end, when we are living far across from our family friends, all we wish to do is get a glimpse of the person. It is not possible for someone to fly over to different countries to get to meet someone. Though there is nothing close to having to get to see your family and friends close to see them close in physical. But, that is possible only in certain circumstances and that happens only once in a while. We have come a far long way from just sending letters to making calls. Now, it is not just making calls from a normal phone or smartphone. The technology keeps upgrading itself and now there is an option for the people to make video calls. WhatsApp is a wonderful platform made available for its user to make not just make audio calls, now the users can happily make video calls.


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