8 Link Building Techniques that Google Dislikes

Below is a list of link building tactics that Google dislikes. If you want your SEO to be successful make sure you don’t do any of them. And if you’ve planned to hire an Australia search engine optimization company, make sure it too doesn’t do anything that Google dislikes.


1. No paid links please

Google simply detests the buying and selling of links for better PagRank. So, if you try selling or buying links with higher PageRank for better ranking, your result would be exactly the opposite of what you want as this will have negative impact on ranking of your site or page. Be sure that you aren’t dealing in links, posts with links or exchanging any kind of goods or services for the sake of links. As a matter of fact, if you even send things for free say a product, app, book, game or anything for free or do a bit for favour by writing good things about them for the sake of links, Google will hate you and will even sue you.

2. No Unnatural Link Exchange & No Excessive Link Exchange

So your site sells fish & chips but it is linking to some online shoe shop, heavy metal music arrangers, car parts, and holiday makers. Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Well, it is okay to some extent like you can have a kind of partnership with heavy metal music providers and offer cheaper English meals of fish & chips to their listeners or try asking people to plan holidays with lunch of fish and chips but not more than that please!

Always make sure you’re exchanging the links with appropriate kind of site in other words from people in your business niche or are related in some or other way. When there is no relatedness, Google finds you an offender. Again, too much of this link exchange business even when you are doing it right will get totally wrong. It is like eating too much of lasagna just because you love it. C’mon, even if you love that thing eating too much will break your digestive system.

Google is okay with your link exchange when done with the related sites but it isn’t okay at all when done too much of it.

3. Wait… Google Hates Enormous Article Marketing & Guest Blogging Campaign

So, you know article marketing campaign gets a good amount of link? Yes, you’re right. And you’re also right when you think that guest blogging campaign will get you quality links and help your site do really well but it needs limiting. Like we just discussed – loving lasagna is no reason that your digestive system will also have to love the way you over eat! These campaigns do really well but over doing them will have exactly the opposite impact.

4. Automated Programs or Similar Services for Creating Backlinks should be – No, Not, Never

Answer this simple question, you’re in a marathon and running really hard and just to win in this very event you’ve been practicing hard for several weeks. Will you now like to lose it just because there’s a robot runner in the marathon who’s doing really well without any practice at all? Surely, you won’t like the idea.

Similarly, there are so many sites doing so many things to generate links and your one program is doing this more, Google cannot like it. Moreover, it will find it an odd thing to happen, in other words, it calls it SPAMMING. And if you happen to do it, Google’s anti-spam team will sue you.

5. Are you Distributing Links in the Footer of the Site? Google will Un-Friend You

This is another of creepy ways to get links. And if Google find you doing this, it will no more be friendly to you.

6. Google Loathes Links from Directories and Bookmarking Site of Low Quality

Make sure you aren’t getting links from low quality link directories and bookmarking sites. In the Jurassic era of SEO, optimizers loved directories and bookmarking sites for getting links but with time these sites lost credibility and so did this method of obtaining links. So, just don’t try it out at all.

7. Google Disapproves Links in Advertorials and other Ads

Don’t add any links in the ads or advertorials either for earning money or the links. Google hates it. It won’t like you either, if you’re going to do this.

8. Do you have links with Optimized Anchor Texts in Contents like Articles, Blog Posts & Press Releases?

Don’t have them anymore.

If your article, Blog post, or PR content looks something like this:

Computer games are much loved by kids. Buy computer games(linked) for the kids to make them happy. Computer games for free(linked) are the best option for your child’s Christmas holidays. Many sites sell cheaper computer games (linked), go grab them.

Before your customers grab the computer games or you grab the links, Google will surely grab you for a SPAMMER and will ban you forever.