Look Out for Some Perfect Winter Wedding Themes for 2018

winter wedding

Winter is the highly favoured season for most of the couples to hold their wedding ceremony. As we already know, that winter is a time for many festivals and family holidays. Being such a special season, it does hold the charm of organizing a wedding. With a beautiful and serene location setting, winters are a delight when you have a wedding to behold.

Though having a winter wedding would sound really amazing, but you need to have some solid plans in your checklist to have a warm and calming atmosphere at your wedding. Moreover, it’s the season that brides love to have to organize their wedding as their hair remains uptight and makeup doesn’t get a meltdown.

Table Arrangements & Décor 

Candles can double up the ambiance of a winter wedding unlike any other thing. They warm up the atmosphere and create a very ethereal environment with their glow. A perfect arrangement of the candle within a glass or brass holder can hike up the charm of the plain looking candles. As we know candles are not a necessity for this age. Thus, using this as a decorative item is more apt and good-looking. You can even choose uniquely-shaped candles or mix and match the designer candles that are available these days. Moreover, arranging them around the Mandap area will bestow a spectacular view. Fairy lights are also a trending item these days that are used in the gardens or backyards.

wedding table deco

Flower Arrangements

Well obviously no wedding is complete without flowers. From roses, tulips, marigold, hibiscus, it’s an entire lot of flowers that are required to decorate your Mandap or entry passage. And winters have a thousands of variety to choose from. With different tones and hues that could be used throughout the ceremony, your wedding ceremony would be a sight to behold. Indian weddings

Winter season symbolizes cosiness, comfort and magic whether you are planning to organize it at a wedding banquet hall or at your backyard. Just checkout some of the most innovative winter wedding ideas that can really rock your show!

decor flower

Food ideas

Having hot chocolate, soup, marshmallow related dishes are surely a hit when you are having a winter themed wedding. No one can resist a cup of hot chocolate. And for your alcoholic beverages, you can set up a bar station with shots of whiskey or brandy for the guests or some native warm drinks that are really enjoyable. One of the advantages of banquet service is that you can decide over the type of menu. Having mini-kebabs or muffins with some breadsticks or finger-fries on your platter add a charm to your otherwise traditional menu. Desserts that could easily get melted during spring or summer can be easily kept in your menu as their form would remain intact in this lowered temperature. When cake is one of the items in your catering, you may also choose the flavour and colour that partners up with your season in earnest. These wedding catering ideas can add new awe to event.

food idea

Decorating your Indoors

A winter wedding would look incomplete without any ice scripture for decoration. With the beautiful scriptures available these days by various vendors, get one established at your wedding as well. Plants can be used to beautify the su With a cool and peaceful background, having a flowery decoration will spruce up a cheery feeling among your guests. Moreover, with the wedding going indoors you may have your entry passage made with fresh flowers. This would surely make a breath-taking view for your guests and can keep the theme of your wedding in place.

Print Invitations Based on your Theme

When you have decided to stick to your theme, why keep your invitations out of this. Print your invitations in pastel colours that are symbolic of winter season. You may even design your cards with some winter related graphics to give an impression of your theme beforehand. It would be best to specify the venue whether it would be indoors or outdoors to let them prepare for their attire in advance.

Ceiling Decoration:

Add the charm of pastel colours to your ceiling decorations. You may even use paper lanterns of frame structure to decorate your ceiling. The use of drapes on them could create a cosy atmosphere and build up warmth inside the venue.

Wedding Attire

When you are bride with a strict winter theme to add to your charismatic look, why not go with a pastel one that depicts the season in a full-fledged manner.A bridal attire is what people view the most and keeping your attire to your theme can definitely be a bonus for the success of the event.

The Wedding Sweet Boxes

Well, it’s a tradition to send loads of sweets to your relatives. Why not go with the ones that are emblematic of your theme. Adding the traditional coconut sweets or dry fruits in your boxes would showcase your winter styled wedding.

wedding sweet boxes

Winter Favors 

When you are having a winter wedding, then arrange for some winter favors for them as well. Arranging blankets or mittens for the little ones or older people would create a warming aura for your indoor or outdoor wedding. With all these superb ideas for your wedding, you may execute the above steps and organize a winter wedding of your dreams.