How To Make Your Scooter Look Like A Million Dollar Bucks

Making your scooter look like a million dollar bucks does not require much money. It requires knowledge on how to do it. The knowledge will make it safe and with no damages. For instance, did you know that a simple sticker can claim some paint during removal? Probably no but now you know.

Scooter Look Like A Million Dollar Bucks

There are endless ways of customizing your best urban scooter. I know you are wondering which the ways are. All you need is an eye opener. In this guide, you will see just how you limit yourself. I will give you the ideas and some hints on how to go about it.

Maintenance Is Key

The first course of action for making your scooter look like a million dollar bucks is maintenance. How will your scooter look like a million dollar bucks with rusty rims, worn out tires, and unaligned handlebars?

  • Do not be caught up by wear and tear. Ensure that always your tires are in perfect condition
  • Use machine oil to lubricate the bearings and folding blocks. As much as you are reducing friction, you are helping with handling noise.
  • Make it a routine to clean your scooter. If possible on a daily basis. Dry off all the water, or leave it in the sun to avoid rusty parts.

Some of the things are ‘do it yourself’ kind of stuff. Others are a little more challenging, and you might consider consulting an expert. Especially ones that involve the electrical part, electricity, shots and shock are close friends.

How To Make Your Scooter Look Like A Million Dollar Bucks


You can pour all you creativity on the helmet. The helmet is a part of the scooter that is so conspicuous. But if it is dull nobody will give a damn. It is just a helmet and nothing else. Adding color to your helmet will draw attention your way and to your scooter. A full face helmet brings out the glamour more significantly.

Seat Cover

We all like to show off our stuff, don’t you? There is a way to keep everyone asking where did you get that? Get your scooter a seat cover. There is a wide variety of prints to choose from. Whatever prints that you will get, trust me that anyone that gets to see your scooter will get one for theirs as well.

These covers offer and excellent design. The covers are easy to put and remove when you need to do some cleaning.


A basket is a great accessory to add to your scooter. Usually, I prefer to attach a small basket. A big basket will make the scooter look ugly. You can either position it at the back of the front. At the front, you get to keep an eye on whatever is you are carrying.


For stickers, I would advise for the flames stickers. They look amazing for everyone. Other types of stickers are more of personal preference. If a time comes that you will require selling the bike, you will need to remove the stickers.

If the stickers stay for a long time, they attach to the paint and removing them will leave a patch. You will need to retouch the paint.


At night lights are the ones that give your scooter that signature look. There are variants of LED lights that are available in the market. The LED lights come in all colors. The red, blue and green lights in combination form the greatest spectacle for me. You may have a different choice of colors, the fact remains. The colors will make you make a mark.

Already your scooter looks like a million dollar scooter. The question is you the one who will neutralize all the color and glamour? That should not happen. Pick the best gears. Leather gloves of any color come out as accessories to the handlebars.

Pick the best jackets in the market. Pick the color that complements the new look of your bike.

Final Words

We are in agreement here that you will not require a million dollars to get a million dollar bucks look. The changes are simple. The magnitude of the change is huge. You will be falling in love with the new look and so will other people. Leaving an impression is not so bad in life. It is more of what makes life interesting.