Mauritius Holiday: 6 Places To Make Family Vacation Exceptional

A Mauritius vacation on mind? No one can worry about what to do in Mauritius with its versatile offerings to the vacationer of all age and sizes. From must-see places to must-stroll beaches and from must-have foods to must-do activities, this tropical African country has it all, not to mention the amalgamation of numerous cultures that co-exist here for historical reasons. For the Mauritius Holiday package, here are some suggestions for your upcoming trip.

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Black River Gorges National Park

Covering 3.5% of the Mauritian land, around 6574 hectares, the park has a wide range of things to enjoy with the family members. Dense forest with good trekking trails lined with versicolor flowers is a sight to behold. As many as 300 species of the flowers could be seen here and they sooth rather than overwhelm. Waterfalls, gorges and peaks are the nature’s gift to revel in Mauritius.


Heard about 7-colored earth in Mauritius, well this is here, in Chamarel you are going to find it. The phenomenon is a result of cooling of volcanic rocks at different temperatures. For a small village, Chamarel attracts visitors also for the highest waterfall at 100 metres. The viewing platform adds to the experience of this small paradise.

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

60 acres of the land exhibiting giant lily ponds, lakes with turtles and fishes of enormous size and trees planted by great human figures around the world, you are in one of the most frequented tourist place. Also known by the name Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden, the place is loved by both children and adults.

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden mauritius

Grand Bassin

Grand Bassin is an extinct volcano, which has been transformed in to a mountain lake at about 1800 ft above sea level. The place is also among the most sacred Hindu place on the islands of Mauritius, due to the presence of a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and a majestic 108 foot statue of Shiva. It is believed that the lake water is from the holy river Ganges in India and people take holy pilgrimage on foot don Mahashivratri.

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Le Morne

If seclusion is on mind, Le Morne Brabant is the place to be in. Mostly hotels could be seen here, which is in the South of the island. A world heritage site Le Morne Mountain, is the place to visit if you are curious of Mauritius’ history. An escape haven for the slaves, the place offers nice viewpoints. You only need to pick the scenes around here you want to take in.

Iles Aux Cerfs

For a treasure island like feel, yours options include, Iles Aux Cerfs. An outer isle of the country, placed off its East Coast, lovely beaches dotted with palm trees and blue of many shades are the prime drawers to the place. It continues to be the attractions with picturesque blue lagoon to relax, or pick parasailing to get the best aerial view. For the golf lovers, Bernard Langer golf course is the way to go.

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With these places in you Mauritius Holiday Package, you can never go wrong on a 5-6 days itinerary!

About Author: Jyoti is a travel writer, who love to explore different destinations across the globe, In the above article Jyoti is sharing her views about her recent Mauritius Holiday package.