Project Loon: Google to Provide Free Internet Through Balloons

Few innovations are really at great heights. Loon is such an innovation from the team of Google X which is now known as X.This project came up with the idea of building a strong LTE network for people at the rural and urban cites.

project loon

Internet is a necessity of the world. Internet is one of the important resource to sustain our living in the present world. Rural and urban places lack good network connection. Loon was the outcome of such a necessity. This actually brings the term world wide web with a simple balloon-system.

What is Loon?

Loon is building a network of balloons in the stratosphere. This drifts around the globe and navigates according to the wind speed. These balloons reach each and every corner of the world providing strong network connection for mobile phones and other devices. Google X has been sending these balloons and working on improving their features.

loon project

Recent update on Loon

First few balloon launch was exciting, which moved according to the direction of the wind and kept on their way drifting around the globe. They were unable to keep the balloons in a single circle.

Later this year, the team and project engineer announced a major breakthrough on this project Loon.

They found few balloons to be present in a single place without drifting in the direction of the wind. This was an unexpected incident by the team members. This motivated them to create a new navigational algorithm that will keep the balloons in a single circle.

After long days of research and studies, they found the efficient way to keep the balloons reliable in a group of small clusters which travel according to the stratosphere winds.

What’s next?

Innovation doesn’t have an end. Google comes with the testing of real life users in the trail.

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  1. When the project started, the team first had to learn how to make a balloon fly around the globe. Then, as the team learned how to better steer the balloons (and predict local winds), the team figured out how to have the Loons loop around an ocean or continent. Those loops grew tighter over time — and having the balloons loiter over a small area is the logical conclusion of that experiment.

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