How to Rank High in Google Search Results

As the king of search engines, Google is dedicated to deliver more refined results to the visitor. Google believes in adding value to the user experience. For every keyword Google search algorithm runs the query which shows the results based on search ranking of the content.

Every blog or website wants to rank in Google search results, but it is not that easy. Competition is high and they are already big players in the market. It is not easy to beat already established brands that are ranking high for keywords.

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Still new business competes and rank high in search results. Sometimes they can even outrank the established brands on some keywords.

How they do that?

Answer is improving the usability of the content. There are many factors that Google consider as usability such as quality content, speed of the site etc.

Today I am going to share how you can rank high for the keywords of your choice and outrank your competitors in Google search results.

Unique and Quality Content:

content is kingUnique and quality content is not only necessary to attract more readers and give uniqueness to your blog pitch but it is also helpful to rank higher in search results. Google take the term unique quality very seriously. Quality content is that which will help you to rank higher in search results. Your quality content will help you to boost traffic and links back to your site.

Off-page Optimization

Most of the time you will find that people only focus only on-page SEO optimization and ignore offpage optimization. You should understand that offpage optimization plays an important role to help your blog or site rank higher for desired keywords. This also helps you to attract more link backs.

Quality Backlinks

quality backlinkBacklinks plays a major role to improve the quality of the blog post. They actually work as + vote for your keyword. Many people only think that increasing number of backlinks will help to rank higher. But reality is different.

Quality is what matter when it comes to backlinks. Spam backlinks can ruin the blog quality. You should understand how to get quality backlinks for your blog or website.

Also check the quality of the backlinks your site already have and disavow any bad backlink.

You can improve backlinks in various ways:

a) Create profiles on web 2.0 sites

Creating profiles on web 2.0 sites not only help you to gain easy backlinks but you can also engage with the audience there and boost traffic to your blog.

b) Write quality content to attract more backlinks

Writing pillar articles covering everything about the topic helps you to attract more backlinks which help your article to rank higher in Google search results.

c) Give testimonials to quality sites

It is a really easy way. You can use products related to your blog niche and give testimonial to the sites selling those products with the backlink to your own site.

d) Guest blogging on high quality sites

Guest blogging is not just easy but it is the most effective way to gain tons of backlinks which are high in quality. When it comes to blogging, always focus on high quality blogs.

Final Words:

These are the best ways that will help you to rank high for desired keywords in Google search results. Improving your blog rank in Google search will improve the organic traffic to your blog and it will also help to boost quality of your traffic.

Traffic from search engines is always of high quality and highly targeted. This will help you to make more money as the visitor will not just visit the articles, but also visit the ads of your blog and affiliate links.

if you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.


Google algorithms are continuously improving the quality of search results. It is now the job of every business to work to rank high in Google search results.


About Author: Gaurav is professional blogger and founder of eAskme. He is doing great in affiliate marketing and manages multiple blogs within his professional network.

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