Will Samsung Galaxy S9 be able to Solve Problems with Galaxy S8?

galaxy s9Samsung Galaxy S8 is here in the market and has got the reviews what it deserves. Tech experts have gone through the phone including its specifications and have told all the limitations and new innovations done in the phone by the company.

But Samsung Galaxy S9 is not here yet. Even the company has kept a tight lipped that it has not given a hint about the phone. So, experts are making guess about it with the expectation of improvements in it. They are expecting to not to see the limitations which they saw in the Galaxy S8.

Firstly we will talk about the specs and features which are expected in the Galaxy S9 and then we will come to problems with Galaxy S8 that are expected to be fixed in Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs and Features

Galaxy s9 review

The screen size of Galaxy S9 is expected to be of 5.8 inches which would have Gorilla Glass 4 on the front as well as back side of phone. The body of phone is expected to be as of Galaxy S8 which is a combination of glass and metal. The unibody with more curved edges will make phone hold easily.

The display of this smartphone is expected to come with 4K quality panel along with VR and 3D capability. This would give an amazing experience to the cinema and game lovers. The display would have a resolution of 4096*2160. The 4K video quality will give a realistic experience to the users. Though it is a futuristic technology but Samsung has promised to bring that.

This flagship device is expected to step with a dual lens camera which would have power of 21MP and front facing camera is expected to have power of 13 MP. The front facing camera will also have feature of Iris Scanner that would add a level to your phone’s security. The dual lens camera at the back will be supported by a dual LED flash that would give an amazing picture quality even in the dark.

Samsung and Qualcomm had worked together for the Galaxy S8. They developed Snapdragon 830 which proved to be successful. Similar is expected from both the giant companies for Galaxy S9. It is being rumored that both the companies will develop Snapdragon 845 processor for the Galaxy S9. Along with this processor the device will support 6GB of RAM which would not only make the phone work fast but also efficient in terms of power consumption.

According to rumors, the Galaxy S9 won’t have a battery but a powerhouse. Yes, shockingly, the phone will have a battery with a power of 5000 mAh. As mentioned above, this is all guesswork, so some have made a guess that Galaxy S9 would have battery power of 3500 mAh while its plus edition would have battery power of 4000 mAh.

Problems with Galaxy S8 that are expected to be fixed in Galaxy S9



The Samsung Galaxy S8 is fast enough but if we compare it with its price of $700 then it seems slow. If we scrutinize then Galaxy S8 isn’t much faster than Galaxy S7. Like in the case of Pixel and One Plus 3T we feel a difference between them. But it’s not the case in Galaxy S series.

This issue is being faced with several editions, so it is expected to be solved in the Galaxy S9. If this device comes with Snapdragon 845, a second generation 10nm chip, then there are chances of improvements. This would also add something to battery life.

Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung was the first smartphone company that introduced fingerprint scanner. Earlier they were not that good. But even now phones like Moto G5 plus give them a tough competition. Samsung moved the fingerprint sensor besides the rear camera. It is such a terrible place which is very high to reach when one is normally holding the phone.

To make it approachable the company needs to move this sensor beneath the display at the front. This would make the user to reach easily.

Bixby Button

The Bixby button which Samsung has introduced with the Galaxy S8 is just useless. This smart assistant was launched with the ability to control the apps with voice. But the problem is that the assistant work only in the Korean language. Moreover, not all the apps work, only certain apps work. A report from Korean speakers is also not positive.

The company is expected either to bring this assistant in almost all major languages or there should be option to remap this button. In Galaxy S8, it has not given any option to remap it and its impossible to get rid of this physical button.

Fast Charging

Samsung’s fast charging in Galaxy S8 is not that fast enough. Samsung has been using the same “Adaptive Fast Charge” tech since 2014, which is based on the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 spec. However, other companies are using QC 3.0 which is faster than Samsung.

It is not that Samsung has no hardware to upgrade to that charging technology. Snapdragon 835 can support up to Quick Charge 4.0. It just needs to license them.

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