7 Important Scooter Safety Tips For Your Children

Scooters are very popular ride on toys for children but just like all toys they don’t come without their dangers if they’re not operated correctly.  Before buying your kids a shiny new ride it is beneficial to all if you review some of the most important scooter safety measures that will help keep your little ones as safe as possible.

scooter safety tips for kids

Some Quick Safety Tips

1.It’s important that the scooter is age appropriate for your child. If it’s too large for the child they will have trouble operating it which could cause them to become frustrated or to tip and fall off.  For very young children you may want to consider a three wheeled scooter that will provide extra balance while they’re learning how to ride.  Adhere to manufacturer age recommendations for the motorized rides.

2.Safety gear is always recommended for children and is important to scooter safety. A helmet is the most important component because scooters can tip and you want to be sure that your little one’s head is safe.  Elbow and knee pads are also wise choices.

3.Proper shoes should be worn while riding a scooter. Sneakers are the most recommended choice.  Sandals and flip flops may upset a rider’s balance and little toes and feet may get injured if your child has to hop off quickly.

4.Scooters should always be ridden away from moving vehicles and pedestrians. Set up guidelines with your children by reviewing your safety concerns and making them aware of how important it is that they follow your scooter safety rules.

5.Uneven ground surfaces can make dangerous riding conditions. The most frequently seen injuries from scooters occur to the upper body.  This happens when children tip forward over the handles of their scooter and can be caused when the front wheel is stopped by something as small as a bump, some sand, or a large piece of gravel.  This can also be caused by children leaning too far forward on their ride. Teach your children how to look for and avoid unsafe conditions.

6.Tuck in any loose clothing, remove scarves and long jewelry, and tie long hair into pony tails before riding. These are all items that can get wrapped around the wheels or other mechanical parts and cause an injury.

Finally, a parent must make sure that their child’s scooter is properly assembled before they ride on it. Read the instructions before beginning and tighten secure all nuts, bolts, and screws.

Pick The Right Scooter for Beginners

kids scooter

If your kids are outgrowing their kick scooters then you may want to start looking at the electric rides for your next purchase. Most important thing is to select the first scooter for kids.

The Razor E100 Electric Scooters are the perfect motorized ride for children who are 8 years or older and are looking for their first electric scooter. Read here Full review Razor E100 electric Scooter.

The Razor Company specializes in electronic toys and is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of electric scooters.  They take their scooters so seriously that they even have a pro team of athletes aged 9 to 20 who participate in demonstrations and exhibitions across the world.

Why Razor E100

  • It’s because of this interest and specialization that Razor has a reputation that continues to grow.  One of the most reliable beginner rides is the Razor E100 electric scooter and these are a few reasons that you’ll want to consider this ride:
  • The E100 is very easy to assemble and won’t take much more than 20 minutes to put together as long as you follow the simple instructions.  The battery will need an initial charge of 12 hours but the actual assembly is easy.
  • This adorable scooter is also very easy to operate. Your kids will need to give the scooter a little manual kickoff to 3 miles per hour and then press a trigger to engage the motor. The twist grip throttle is easy for small hands to grip and turn once they’re rolling.  The hand-operated front brake allows for easy stopping.
  • The chain driven, high torque motor will run at fun speeds up 10 miles per hour.  This is fast enough for your kids to have fun while keeping them safe.  The 8” pneumatic front tire and the 125mm polyurethane rear wheel make for a very smooth ride.
  • The Razor E100 Electric Scooters are also easy to transport.  If you’d like to take them to the park or to Grandma’s house for the afternoon then all you have to do is fold the handlebars and slip it into the truck.  And remember that scooter safety is very important so pack up the safety gear too!

Scooters are loads of fun and will entertain your kids for hours at a time.  A little bit of proper preventative scooter safety measures will ensure that your kids get the most enjoyment as possible from their favorite rides.  If you’d like to bump up your kids fun level a little bit then I recommend that you read Scooter Games, a great book that introduces over 100 scooter games that will challenge and entice your kids.

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