Social Networking That Matters for Your Brand

social media marketing 2018

You probably already know the importance of getting your company present on social networks. But, do you know which social channels besides Facebook can bring good results for your brand? There are several social networks and each works best for a market segment. But there are some social channels that bring positive returns to businesses of the most varied segments.


Our first example social channel that plays a very effective role in digital marketing strategies is Instagram. It gives you the option of creating ads that help you show products and services to the network user. It is a great channel for promoting lifestyle for tourism agencies, restaurants and clothing stores. Instagram guarantees better results than other channels because, unlike Snapchat, for example, it attracts a wide range of audiences, ranging from teenagers who are over-satisfied with the latest technology and features, to older people, not as intimate with the internet.


It is ideal for those interested in ‘generating brand awareness or products’, ‘changing or reinforcing perceptions’ and ‘creating associations to events, celebrities or topics of interest’. ‘ Having an identity for Instagram ‘, which means defining the right voice and tone and what guides the content and the experience, is the first recommendation. As for themes and editorial frequency, we want ‘ diversity of brand-related contents that fit the platform at moderate frequency ‘, giving priority to ‘ authenticity and simplicity ‘ and not to promotional information. Do not abuse the descriptions, in the hashtags, but tire can ‘take advantage of geolocation, hashtag and tags in photos to reach more people’.


Excellent tool to tighten the client-company relationship, Twitter is the perfect social network for those who produce a lot of content, such as news portals. Investing in post creation on Twitter is a great way to attract users of this channel to your business.


It is especially useful in consumer support, monitoring and for brands that want to take advantage of the second screen phenomenon, that is, simultaneous use with the TV. ‘ Thinking before tweeting ‘ is the first step: it advises the agency to take into account the goals and tone of the brand, especially if it wants to ‘ develop a reputation ‘, because more than followers’ is the acquisition of social capital that matters in the long run ‘. To ‘engage in culture’ you have to ‘ create content for the group from shared behaviors or trending topics, in context with the brand ‘. Another step is to ‘ use search ‘ for branded terms for consumer search and scheduling to ‘distribute content’ at different times.


Social networking focused on relationships and professional issues, where people are already in search of specialized content and directed to work issues, LinkedIn works very well for companies that offer consulting, training and service provision in general. On your business page on this network, tell a little of your story, present your portfolio, showcase successful cases, and spread content. In addition to using the tool offered by the channel to create ads.


Regular publication of content ‘, not limited to institutional information, but above all informative and interesting for the audience, is crucial. Here’s the ‘ optimize your keywords ‘, because it facilitates discovery through internal search and makes clear the purpose of the presence. ‘ Encourage employee participation ‘ to amplify institutional content in their personal networks and highly encouraged. As for a paid presence, this girds up with sponsored posts and recruitment solutions, since the business profile page is free.


The importance of images and Rich Pins (also applied to e-commerce) make this network of discovery, selection and bookmark of content interesting for ‘ social commerce, traffic generation, influence in research and notoriety and perception’. It is therefore ‘particularly effective for retail in the early stages of the consumer buying funnel’. It is expected that already this year that the Promoted Pins let us buy directly from this platform. It is recommended creating a business profile: linking the profile to the website allows access to rich pins and statistics. For this you can take help from web design agency. Then you have to enrich the information of the pin: ‘use descriptions rich in keywords and aligned with the main categories and evaluate impact in research’. Once again, we have to ‘ respect the community ‘ and that is to ‘ tag users and give credit to the sources’.



These social channels that deserve attention, in addition to Facebook, in your digital marketing planning, as they can capture many qualified leads for your business. With this information, you can more easily judge, internally in the company, or with the help of agencies and / or consultants, where and how to be present in one or more social networks to reach communities and public with a digital strategy in line with the rest present of the brand in the physical and virtual world, but adapted to each platform.