5 Things You Need to Consider for the Maintenance of Your App

The app development is not limited merely to launching an app and making it available to users. In fact, the development, testing, and launching are just like going the half way. The next half is the maintenance and, it goes a long way to keep an app alive in store. Without proper maintenance, app would begin to fade out for the interest of users in it.

mobile app maintenance tips

But, maintenance is a continuous process. The mobile app developers do maintenance by providing updates, fixing bugs, and improving productivity of an app. And we have noticed that most of the apps in our mobile devices keep receiving updates for all these needs at least once in a month.

This post is aimed at helping those app owners whose apps are already live on stores and, those who need to keep a close eye on the updates to make it fit the new guidelines of respective stores. By continuous maintenance, mobile app developers or the app owners can sustain the success in the rapidly flourishing mobile app market.

There are certain things a mobile app owner or the mobile app developer needs to keep in mind while doing maintenance of an application. Here we go.

#1. Operating System:

Operating systems or the devices running these operating systems keep receiving new updates time after time. In these updates either platform developers or device vendors make some changes or enhancements to the core operating system which may also affect some apps. App developers need to keep eye on every update pushed and see if it has affected their apps. New features are introduced and old ones are removed. Developers or app owners need to keep checking of updates to the operating system are affecting theirs apps.

#2. Software Programming Languages:

The programming languages too are updated by their developers. Now if your app is based on a programming language being updated, you need to see if changes have affected your app too. Although, developers of programming language do not quickly make changes to their programming languages but, apps with heavy customizations may be affected. you can also download Lucky Patcher Old Version from here.

#3.  Mobile app designing practices:

Before Apple and Android entered the mobile market, the design (UI and UX) of most of the software programs were based on Skeuomorphic approaches. Apps too were based on the same designing practices. But then everything changed when Apple introduced flat design for iOS and Google introduced material design for Android. But now, no one worries if their music player app should itself look like real music player. So you also need to keep designed aspects in your mind.

#4.  Analytics Tools and services

Analytics let you learn about the behavior of your users. Which pages are users bounced back from or which pages they spend most of their time on – analytics shows data about a lot of aspects.  Analytics help you discover how users are reacting to your app and then make changes accordingly. Most of the analytics tools come with a lot of filters or funnels that let you precisely track user behavior and understand the trends. With data of the ongoing trends in hands, app developers are able to make changes to and app the way it will fit users.

#5. Reviews and rating and responding to them

You can learn several things from reviews and ratings; particularly from negative ones. The negative reviews can be a bit hurting, but they let you explore all the nooks and corners in your app which still need some trimming, tuning and refinement. When initiating maintenance operation, make sure you are considering reviews and ratings, too. These reviews and rating are open insights to your app. When you make changes according to these insights, reviews, and then reply the reviewer that changes have been made as they suggested, the whole act sends a lot of positive vibes among all your users.

So these are some quick tips to perform a better maintenance operation for your mobile app. Experts have suggested these things must be considered while maintaining a mobile app. With these tips, app developers and app owners can do a better maintenance operation to their mobile app.

Author Bio :-  Sofiacoppol is the technical writer of Mobilmindz that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology and having a great experience in e learning app development, finance app development etc.