5 Useful Tips to Avoid Becoming a Road Rage Victim

road rage

In the last few years, the so called “road rage” syndrome has developed and we hear more about it. Of course, road rage is nothing new; it has been with us for a long time, probably since the beginning of road transportation. Road rage is often referred as the aggressive or violent actions between drivers caused by difficult driving conditions disguised in the name of traffic. It can cause property damage, personal injuries, or even death.

Here are some tips to help prevent road rage and continue being the safe driver that you want to be.

1. Leave Early: Being in a hurry is the prime cause of road rage. It is really hectic to find yourself on the way behind a slow car, behind rubberneckers, or in the middle of a construction zone when you are late for your destination. Your frustration can turn you into a dangerous, reckless, and inconsiderate driver. Thus, by leaving the house 10 or 15 minutes early, you can prevent road rage incidents.

2. Drive safely: Obey the rules of the road and all the traffic signs. Always take care when changing lanes, giving yourself plenty of time, avoid tailgating, and always signal your intention before proceeding. Not only will you reduce the risk of accident, but you will be far less prone to provoke the anger of other drivers.
Road Rage

3. Be kind and courteous to other drivers: Do not blow your horn, slam on your breaks, swerve suddenly, or follow too closely other vehicles. Be a safe driver always even if it seems you are the only one doing this.

4. Do not provoke other drivers: Do not shout, speak loudly, curse angrily or make obscene gestures at the other driver. Never start an argument even if the other driver started it as arguments can lead to road rage. Sometimes just a simple word can be interpreted wrongly and result to a full blown physical violence.

5. Don’t respond to the anger of others: Sometimes you are not engage with rage, but another driver’s anger can put you off if you allow it. If an angry driver yells, honks, or make obscene hand gestures, do not react because this will only nourish the flame of his anger. Instead, ignore them or laugh it off.

By practicing the above tips, you can hopefully avoid a potentially hazardous or even deadly incident.

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