Easy tips to maintain your petrol car

Every automotive fan would love to buy a fuel efficient car, but the high maintenance cost of diesel cars pushes the car buyers to opt for the petrol cars. Petrol in-lined cars are not much impressive in terms of fuel economy, but their performance and efficiency is quite high than the diesel engine cars. Many of the car buyers are not aware of the fact that a proper and regular tune up of their petrol engine car might give a better performance and mileage than the diesel ones. We have brought few easy petrol car maintenance tips that would help you to exhale the performance and driving class of your petrol running machine.

1) Replace air-filters and fuel filters at regular intervals – As per the studies of automotive experts, regular replacement of air-filters and fuel filters results in improved fuel economy by 10 percent.

2) Examine the alignment condition – Always check the alignment of the car as improper adjustment of alignment might result in more pressure one engine thereby, leading to more fuel consumption.

3) Change the gear oil at frequent intervals – The swift the gears are, better would be performance and fuel economy. Always ensure that you replace the gear oil at frequent intervals as it rises up the performance of the car.

4) Tyre maintenance – Tyres are the crucial element of any car. Properly inflated tyres adheres the performance of the car and result in lesser cost of maintenance.

5) Check the proper functioning of clutch – Clutch is one of the most crucial parts of any car engine. Over usage of clutch results in reduced fuel economy, hence avoid over acceleration while driving.

6) Use the right grade oil – Always use the right grade of oil for your car. The proper grade of car oil is mentioned in the user’s manual booklet.

7) Curtail the usage of Air-conditioner – Air-conditioner overuse results in poor mileage; therefore, switch off the Air-conditioner when it is not much needed.

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  1. The maintenance cost of diesel cars is higher than petrol cars. This is because consumables like engine oil and spares used in diesel vehicles are more expensive. The resale value of a used diesel car is higher than that of a petrol car. However, the life of a petrol engine is more than a diesel engine.

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