Top 5 Reward Credit Cards

They say big things come in small packages. It certainly holds true in case of a credit card. That small piece of plastic not only gives you financial freedom but it also helps you out in times of emergency. While it is becoming increasingly important to own a credit card these days, it is also equally important to choose a credit that will cover all your needs. Spending habits and needs vary from cardholder to cardholder. Some cardholders like to dine out frequently; so a card that provides dining discounts and benefits will be ideal for them.

credit card reward points

There are people who spend a lot of fuel. For them, it makes sense to get a credit card that will fetch them good fuel surcharge. Similarly, for people who like to gather and use reward points for grocery or online shopping, there are plenty of credit cards that help them to do so. These cards not only fetch reward points that can be used to grab good discounts but they can also be redeemed to get exciting gifts from the bank’s catalogue. Here’s a list of the top 5 credit cards for people people who look for rewards points:

1.SimplySAVE Advantage SBI Card

This card comes loaded with benefits. Once the cardholder spends Rs.2,000 in the first 60 days, they get a bonus of 2,000 reward points. Also, for every Rs.100 spent on dining, grocery, movies, and departmental stores, the cardholder can earn 10x reward points. On every other expenditure made on the card, they can earn 1 reward point per Rs.100 spent on the card. Also, using this card at any petrol pump will get you freedom from paying 1% fuel surcharge.

2.HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card

The cardholder earns 2 reward points on spending Rs.150 on this credit card. Also, they can earn 2x reward points while shopping online. Apart from this, the cardholder can bag a fuel surcharge waiver of up to Rs.500 on every billing cycle. This card also comes with zero liability if the cardholder ends up losing it.

3.American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card 

Easy to use and highly popular, this credit card is one of the most useful when it comes to gathering reward points. Cardholders can bag a welcome gift worth 4,000 bonus membership reward points. Also, they can earn 1 membership reward point for every Rs.50 spent on anything except for fuel, utilities, insurance, and cash transactions.

4.ICICI Instant Platinum Credit Card 

This card is for all those who love to have a good life. Cardholders can earn up to 2 reward points on every Rs.100 they spend on this card (except for expenditure on fuel). These reward points can be collected and redeemed for cash. Cardholders can also get a discount worth 15% on dining at more than 800 restaurants using the Culinary Treats Program.

5.Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card 

This is another credit card that is highly popular amongst people who look forward to earning reward points. Cardholders can earn 5x reward points at reputed hotels, restaurants, and others in India as well as, abroad. They can also earn 1 reward point for every Rs.150 spent on every other category. Cardholders can also bag 5x rewards on buying fuel in India.

If chosen wisely, a good rewards credit card can help the cardholder to earn hefty discounts on shopping. All it needs is some meticulous picking.  

Author Bio: Shefani Maitland is a financial analyst by profession. She also works as a content developer with several online finance websites, including top credit cards like hdfc, icici, amex, rbl credit cards etc. Her passion for all aspects of financial writing is evident in the expert industry coverage seen in her articles. She is also a monthly columnist for a reputed financial magazine in India.Get a credit card.