Uber Self-Driving Cars still Remain On the Roads Even After a Mishap

Uber Self-Driving Car

There was a time when people use to drive the cars on the streets and highways in the cities and highways. For a few, it helped them to reach their work or home in a seamless and comfortable way. There are a few for whom driving a car is a passion and every single time when they drive one, it is an exhilarating experience for them.

Unfortunately, we can say that, in the near future, we will be seeing fewer people driving the cars for real, as the technology is going to completely overtake what the humans have been doing since ages. It is a good thing, which the technology has helped millions of people across the world to be able to perform their tasks with much ease.

On the flip side, we can say that at present, the humans have become more dependent on the technology. It has become as a helping hand to them, there is almost everything available with the technology. There was a time where people used to use the stone motor to grind food. Gone are the days, now there is a food processor available and it is done within a few minutes.

The automobile industry has improvised the ways in which it will be manufacturing the cars. At present, the auto making companies have gone a notch up and have started to build autonomous cars. One of the most prominent factors behind this kind of revolution is to save lives drastically. We all have come across different kinds of accidents happening around us and in most of the cases, it is the human error.

A human error at times is actually costing lives, which is not a good thing. This is why the self-driven cars have been tested and introduced in the market. It is said that these kinds of automobiles will be of great help in avoiding any kinds of accidents happening. Here, machines and sensors are involved in the driving of the car, it works based upon the signals which are received through the GPS and senses the surroundings which are inbuilt in it.

Unfortunately, with a recent mishap which occurred with the Uber self-driving car, the reliability of this has become a big question mark. Recently, an accident occurred due to the self-driving car of Uber and it is said that even after this incident those cars are said to be strolling on the roads. Now, relying on the self-driven cars to avoid accidents and human errors has become a huge question mark.

uber-driverless suv

Nowadays every transportation service has established the advanced technique in the vehicle named as self-driving vehicles. It has so many advanced components and specifications with it like GPRS and GSM etc. the main purpose of GSM is the wireless transmission of messages from the particular place.

The GPRS is used to find out the exact place of the commuter who is traveling in this transportation service. The Antenna is used to send and receive the information to the person who is directing the vehicle. Positive of the self-driving vehicle is that the driver is not required to reach the destination.

It is greatly believed that the accidents will be reduced if the autonomous driving comes into existence. The energy efficiency will also be a greater one and the insurance premiums will be reduced. The folks who are in lack of practical access drive it to bring a good mobility. The human’s lives will be freed from the stress and pressure. At least the traffic accidents will be reduced by seventy percent and hence most of the lives will be saved each and every year.

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The lower vehicle service costs about thirty-five percent; the mechanical parts will be fewer on the self-driving cars. The major thing is that the energy consumption will be reduced by thirty percent and also the automobiles can use the car to car communication and thus improving the efficiency and the traffic flow.

The initial series of the autonomous driving are enjoyed by most of the drivers. Many specialized features are included like navigation systems, traffic warning systems, self-parking cars, and sensors etc. In the next stage, many companies like Google, Tesla etc have popularized the concept of the self-driving cars.

In the future, the autonomous driving will be an important research topic taken by many organizations all over the world. The existence of the mobile phones plays an important role in the automobile industry. The existence of the apps will enable the folks to travel easily from one place to another. These apps can also easily control the energy consumption and perfect security at the particular locations.

The drivers and the passengers will use the Smartphone or the app is combined into the cab. They also provide flexibility, safety, and the legal protections. The real meaning of automated driving is that the drivers and the customers can be comfortable for the entire journey and also it is said to be it is the best way to reach the destination.

These self-driving cars can also be interconnected in order to form with a fixed distance and speed. The main rule is that the infrastructure should be a totally a different one compared to that of the today’s highways and cities. And also there should be a good network and protocols available which are needed for the interconnection between the cabs and the entities.

Whether the Uber’s Self-driving cars are back in Arizona?

A few weeks back, Uber returned its self-driving cars after a severe accident which prompted the ride-sharing company to temporarily to bring down its fleet of Volvo SUVs. A driver was pointed out for not following the rules and regulations and crashed one of the Uber’s self-driving test cars. Two persons were in that self-driving car which included a test driver and another in person situated in the passenger’s seat. As a result, the Uber car was damaged severely and a third car was struck. The glad news is that nUber driverless car accidentobody was seriously injured.

A committee was appointed in order to investigate the accident and to analyze of what happened actually. The real fact is that Arizona has no any rules for the self-driving cars. It has been confirmed that the company is going to transport the customers with the self-driving cars in the state. The US-based gigantic company has also decided to release sixteen driving Volvos in San Francisco in order to test its autonomous driving technology. The human drivers would be seated in the front seats in order to ensure the vehicles are working in a reliable manner.

How safe are self-driving cars?

The testing process is not an accident-free one. Since the year 2009, Waymo has been testing self-driving cars and has driven those cars for about two million miles. A report says that in the year 2016, Waymo reported about thirteen accidents including California, which requires the testing self-driving cars in order to report any accidents. Most of the accidents were not a major one and were not caused by the Waymo’s vehicles. But in the year 2016, a Waymo test car crashed a public bus in California.


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