Unexpected Beauty Uses of Essential Oils for Radiant Skin

Essential oils are currently being widely used in various industries-health, beauty, skin care and many more. For centuries, these oils have been used in treating a wide array of skin conditions, but it is only recently that the skin care industry was able to tap into the full potential of these oils.

You may be wondering, what are the uses of essential oils for skin. Well, wonder no longer because we have enumerated some of the best essential oils for skin (and what they can do!) below!


1)  Carrot Seed Oil for Skin Rejuvenation

When you hear about skin and essential oils, carrot seed oil would be the last thing that would come to mind. After all, what good can carrots bring to the skin, right? Well, apparently, there are plenty! Studies have shown that carrot seed oil can deeply nourish the skin, rejuvenating it from within. It is also said to assist with the regeneration of skin cells which in turn, can improve skin tone, smoothen the skin, and neutralize inflammations that are caused by free radicals.

2)  Helichrysum Essential Oil as Anti Aging Serum

There are plenty of anti-aging oils on the market these days, and this is one of those. This flower is known as Immortelle because of its long-lasting flowers, but the name is also fitting because this oil is used as the fountain of youth as it contains vitamins and minerals that can reverse the signs of aging.

According to studies, this oil targets aging at a cellular level. It can restore the structures of skin cells that have already thinned with age. Because of its amazing benefits, this oil comes with a hefty price tag. That’s why many people who are using this usually add it to a cream or formula so they would only use a little amount of it every application.

3)  Rose Essential Oil for Dynamic Wrinkles

If you have wrinkles on the forehead, nose, mouth and in between the eyes and you wish to get rid of it, rose essential oil may be the best option that you have. High in nutrients and vitamins, this oil is extremely active when it comes to retaining the moisture of the skin. It is also the essential oil of choice when it comes to boosting the hydration of matured, dry skin. With the boost in hydration, the skin becomes more elastic, plump and firm, diminishing the look of wrinkles in the skin.

More than an antioxidant rose essential oil is also said to be a free radical scavenger, meaning it does not just reverse the signs of aging on the skin-it also prevents it.

4)  Neroli Oil for Stretch Marks

When you have stretch marks, it seems like your skin is already hopeless and there is no way that you can bring its back to its former glory. Well, think again. Experts claim that neroli oil has been proven to reduce the visibility of stretch marks in the body. This oil is suitable for matured, sensitive and oily skin.

This oil contains a substance called citral which can rejuvenate and regenerate the cells, tightening sagging skin, and smoothening fine lines. And because of its excellent moisturizing and tightening abilities, it is said to be effective in preventing and treating stretch marks.

5)  Lavender Essential Oil for Static Wrinkles

Static wrinkles are wrinkles on the matured skin. They are a lot harder to get rid of. But before you lose hope, you will be happy to know that lavender essential oil is here to the rescue.

Many people swear by the effectiveness of this essential oil in reducing the depth of static wrinkles. This oil is known for its soothing properties and is often used to calm, rejuvenate and heal tired looking skin. In addition to that, this oil is also known for its antioxidant properties that can help target different signs of aging, particularly wrinkles. It is also said to have free radical scavenging activity that can help reduce the effects of oxidative stress on the skin, preventing the signs of aging from forming.

Lastly, the scent of this oil can help in diminishing the emotional and psychological stress that you may be experiencing. Studies have discovered that chronic stress if one of the biggest factors that trigger the inflammatory response in the body, increasing the risk of wrinkle formation.

6)  Tea Tree Oil for Acne

We all know tea tree has amazing anti-aging benefits but are you aware that this oil can be a good acne treatment too? Yep, you read that right! Many experts claim that tea tree oil is equally as effective as benzoyl peroxide when it comes to treating acne. The best thing about it is that it does not cause the harsh side effects that the latter is known for. In fact, tea tree oil is also said to be suitable for oily and sensitive skin.

7)  Monoi Oil for Glowing Skin

Many people wish to have glowing skin, but they do not know how to achieve it. Well, monoi oil is one essential oil that can help you with that. This oil comes from Tahiti, and it is being used for medicinal, religious and beauty purposes for hundreds of years already. Just like coconut oil, this oil can deeply nourish the skin, keeping it hydrated and glowing for long. It also purifies the skin and at the same time, protects it from the sun and other harsh elements in the environment.

With the wide array of beauty benefits that these oils can give us, there is no doubt that these oils are nature’s gifts to us. The best thing that we can do is be grateful for their existence and to take advantage of all the wonderful things that they are offering us. If you wish to maintain the glow, beauty, and youthfulness of your skin, you should definitely incorporate the use of these essential oils into your daily skincare routine.

Author’s Bio-

 Daisy Grace is a health and beauty expert. She enjoys writing on different topics related to women health issues and skin care such as hyper pigmentation, acne etc.She also writes on different advanced techniques for skin like microdermabrasion, micro needling etc. She always explores new things related to general health and beauty.