How to Avoid Netflix Regional Restrictions & Cast Movies to A TV?

There was a time when wehad to rent out our favorite movies individually. Whenever my favorite movie came out, I used to run towards the DVD store in hopes to reach there before someone else rented out the limited number of DVDs available.At times, I had to go back disappointed because the DVD place had already rented out all the copies.

Even when my favorite movies were available at the store, I could only rent out a limited number of copies from the DVD place. I’m a pretty careless guy and I would often forget to return the DVD back to the store. You can imagine how often I was fined for my carelessness.

How to Beat the Netflix VPN Ban as of october 2018

Those who have rented out DVDs or VHS cassettes in the past will associate themselves with this story. The movie watching system of the past was full of hassles and inconveniences.

A Hassle-Free Solution

Fortunately, a guy named Reed Hastings came along who decided to revolutionize this industry. He, like us, was pretty careless when it came to handling rented movies. He was once fined $40 by Blockbuster, and that motivated him into starting a hassle-free service that can easily satisfy our movie watching appetite.

He launched Netflix, modeling it as an online DVD rental store, the very first of its kind. Afterwards, he remodeled the company and converted it into a streaming service that offered a monthly subscription to let you watch your favorite movies and TV shows online with ease. The service gained immense popularity and soon managed to dethrone Blockbuster from its perch and became one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world.

Apart from offering loads of movies and TV shows, Netflix also offers original content that includes popular shows like House of Cards, Stranger Things, and Narcos.

The Hassles of Netflix

A big problem with Netflix was that the service was only available in the US. People from other countries were blockedfrom streaming Netflix. Fortunately, the scenario changed and Netflix started allowing people from other countries to stream its content.

But despite removing this blockage, another problem emerged which is just as annoying as the previous one. Netflix now offers different content libraries in all the countries it operates in.

This means that not every Netflix showis available in every country it operates in. For example, if you live in India, you’ll be annoyed when you’ll learn that Netflix offers Friends, and Why I Met Your Mother in the US, but not in your own country. The same example applies for other genres and types of content in different countries.

So why does Netflix offer different content in different regions? The reason is that Netflix purchases regional licenses for every piece of content it offers on its website. Regional licenses help Netflix provide the most popular content in each country, and it helps in saving costs. Some licenses are also not available for different countries because they’ve already been purchased by another company.

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, did explain why the same content isn’t available in each country. The reason is territorial licensing. Here’s a brief explanation of how that works:

How to access my favorite Movies and TV-shows on Netflix?

If you’re worried about this territorial licensing thing, and you want to access more content from your Netflix account, then you should worry not because the solution to your problem is written below.

So here’s the secret sauce that would help you watch your favorite movies and TV shows live on Netflix. The best regional version of Netflix is the one available in the US. Netflix offers the best and most pieces of content in the US version.

Now the only way to access the US version of Netflix is to use a Netflix VPN service. This is because a VPN service lets you connect with servers from around the world, and lets you change your IP address in the process. This means that with a VPN service, you can easily get rid of any barriers on the internet and access your favorite content with ease.

You can access the US version of Netflix library with ease by using a VPN. You can also access other Netflix librariesby following the same method, but with a different VPN server as mentioned below.

You just need to follow the steps mentioned below to access your favorite version of Netflix with ease. Before proceeding, do make sure that you have an active subscription of Netflix.

  1. Buy VPN.
  2. Download its VPN extension.
  3. Connect to the region where that content is available.
  4. Open Netflix and watch your favorite content with ease.

Best Netflix VPN Service?

There are hundreds of VPN services on the web, not all are safe to watch Netflix online. In order to enjoy your Netflix shows from anywhere, you’ll need to have a VPN service that is fast, and that has dedicated servers setup so you can stream your favorite Netflix content online with zero hassles.

Which is why we recommend that you get PureVPN, a popular VPN service that operates from Hong Kong and provides you access to 2,000+ servers in 140+ countries, which include those that are dedicated for US Netflix. PureVPN has got major apps on all devices, but if you want it to watch US Netflix, we suggest that you download browsing extensions on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, because they let you access the dedicated Netflix servers I mentioned earlier.

Once connected, you can watch your favorite Netflix movies and TV shows with complete ease. So what are you waiting for? Get Netflix VPN now and access your favorite contentinstantly and from anywhere!

Bonus Tip: How to Cast Movies on your TV set?

Casting movie on your TV set is very simple. Modern TV sets come with different options that let you connect any device directly with your TV. Now there are plenty of things that you can follow in order to cast movies on your TV.

You can connect your laptop or PC with your TV via the HDMI option. And you can play your favorite movies on the connected device.

Or, you can use Google Chromecast, or any other USB device that connects with your smartphone. Whatever plays on your device will be cast on your TV, including any movies or TV shows that you play on your smartphone.

Now that you’ve followed the complete guide, we hope that you’ll follow it step by step so you can watch your favorite content from anywhere with complete ease.

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