Best Time for Family RV Road Trip

There’s so much to love about being on the open road with your family. There’s the freedom of going where you please, the adventure of seeing new places, and the joy of your children bugging each other nonstop and asking you if you’re there yet. Alright so it might not be perfect but you will be able to make unforgettable memories that your children will then tell their children about one day. So, when is the best time the time to take an RV trip with your family?

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The Summer

 Naturally, one of the best times to take any vacation is during the summer. After months of taking the kids to school every morning at 6 am, summer rolls around which means ultimate freedom and beautiful weather. And what better way to start off summer vacation than to rent an RV and head out on the open road? All the campgrounds and national parks will be full of other travelers that you can meet along the way and you will be able to spend all of your time outdoors, basking in the summer sun.

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The only thing to be wary of is the fact that RVs can book up quickly in the summer, so you’ll want to reserve yours ahead of time. Prices also tend to rise the longer you wait due to the high demand. So grab the family, sit down, and plan out a summer trip to remember!

The Fall

 Many schools across the US offer fall break. If your kids have some time off in the autumn, even for a long weekend, this is another great time to consider an RV vacation. Though the weather can be chillier out, there’s something special about seeing the leaves change around the country,especially if you live somewhere where fall doesn’t quite exist (like southern California or Arizona). One of the best parts about traveling in the fall is the lack of crowds. Summer is peak season for tourists for national parks and campgrounds whereas the fall means most people are back to work and kids are back in school. If you’re looking to have a quieter vacation, consider the fall.

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In the end, there is no wrong time to take an RV vacation with your family. Some families are even starting to opt out of the common winter holiday traditions to hop in an RV and head for warmer weather. Between playing games, seeing the world, and traveling in your own personal bed and breakfast, you’re going to come back from your vacation happy and fulfilled. You’ll most likely even want to do it again next year. Maybe even turn it into an annual tradition. So what are you waiting for? Grab the family, get your RV ready, and prepare for a vacation of a lifetime.