5 Simple Rules to Follow to Be a Certified Network Defender

The Certified Network Defender (CND) is an IT professional who is an expert in protecting, preventing, neutralizing, detecting and recognizing any threat to the computer networks.

The CND programs are now growing popular because of this new world where all the institutions, industries and organizations are run by computer-based networks. Many institutions offer this course worldwide.


A Computer Network defender understands the fundamental theories of computer networks like software technologies, network technologies, traffic performance and many more things which are important to know the way to operate networks and software operating. The aim of this program is to maintain computer safety.

Anyway, in this particular post, we will be sharing you 5 simple tricks to follow during your CND prep journey in brief. Check out how to become a certified network defender for more detail.

1. Maintain a Planned Schedule:

Before doing anything, you need to make a proper plan and then execute it to make it happen. A well-planned schedule is like a guide that takes you ahead of your journey. Before flipping the pages of any book, outline the things that are a must to know.

Certified Network Defender

Then make a routine that helps you to become a certified network defender. The procedure may be boring and stressful but let me make it clear to you that nothing can be gained without pain. Maintaining a routine will help you a lot to achieve your goal.

2. Sign Up for Prep Courses:

Enroll in a prep course that is near you or even online. Most of the prep courses offer some quick techniques that are helpful to become a CND. Make sure that you attend the classes regularly and finish their syllabus as soon as possible. Then revise again and again so that everything becomes clearer to you. Also, make sure you never miss to take an exam offered by the prep course. It will help you know your weakness and thus you can overcome it.

3. Study with Techniques:

There are a lot of techniques to study. Not every technique works for everyone. You need to find your own suitable strategy that suits you the best. Choose the one by which you can learn more. If you are comfortable to study alone, then you must do that. Again, if you are comfortable in a group study, it’s also a very good option. The most important thing is to gather more information correctly by any means. You can take help from the audio-visual contents like recorded documentaries and so on.

4. Demo Exams:

Now, it’s needless to describe the importance of taking demo exams. The more you will take exams, the more your chance of becoming a CND in your first try. Exams help you find your strength and weakness. Read the topics thoroughly, and then practice a lot, especially, for the topics that take time to memorize. Find out your weakness through demo exams and try to master it. Take every demo exam seriously as if it’s a real exam.

5. Practice Questions:

There is a famous proverb-practice makes a man perfect. It’s absolutely true. Practice as much as you can to overcome any hard topic you encounter during the study. You can find practice questions online or offline. There are many online courses that offer practice questions with accurate answers with explanations. Proper planning with the proper study material and effective guideline will help you to score more in the exam, for sure.