5 Smart Home Trends That Are Worth Saving For

In the recent times, the home automation industry has flourished well. People have witnessed several trends over the years due to the production of different smart home gadgets and appliances. Hence, it is no longer a new thing to live in a smart home. In fact, almost all households in the US has embraced different smart gadgets for a much convenient day-to-day living.

But the innovation does not stop here.

As the technology keeps on improving and advancing, the home automation industry advances as well. And certainly, there is more to come. The trends of home automation are becoming more apparent as the year enters. But while the output may require much more hefty prices, they are surely seen to be much worthier of the attention and money.

Here are the latest smart home trends that you should be saving for!

1.Overall Voice Assistance

Siri is the very first voice assistant that made its name in the industry. With Apple’s innovative solution to smart assistance, Siri has been largely utilized by many homeowners, especially Apple users.

As the year emerges, the most recent additions to the league of voice assistants are Alexa and Google Assistant. Although Google’s and Amazon’s ideas of voice assistance have been long established, the polished and updated outputs have been just made known to the public.

Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant

image: cnet.com

In the early quarter of the year, every Android user has witnessed the updated and much-advanced version of Google Assistant. Users could now allow their respective assistants to establish connections and communicate with others. Google made it more convenient for people to book a hotel, reserve a seat in a restaurant, and many more.

It is seen that these kinds of features and functions are to be expected on every voice assistant. In these developments, it is also now possible to connect almost everything to Apple’s Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant and control them virtually.

2.Virtual Temperature Management

Today, the market offers different variations of a thermostat and other smart temperature-manager devices. The two biggest names in the thermostat industry are Ecobee and Nest. Apparently, they have produced several temperature-management devices and most households utilize these.

Virtual Temperature Manager

Such devices started with a simple function and that is to control and manage temperature. But as time passes by, many sought to incorporate different functions that will cater to the overall convenience of every owner and user.

Aside from the air quality maintenance, motion detection, and incorporation of a smartphone application, thermostats are anticipated to have built-in voice assistants too. Moreover, cloud storage and hub connections can be expected sometime this year for the new varieties of thermostats.

3.Connected Cooking – Smart Kitchen Gadgets

Whether you are a great cook or not, the newest and sleekest smart kitchen gadgets are already on its way to the market. The technology made it largely possible for most kitchen tools to be included on the general internet of things or smart gadgets.

Smart Kitchen Gadgets

Before the year ends, every homeowner and kitchen lover would enjoy various innovative kitchen gadgets. These include the Wi-Fi-enabled tools like rice cookers, pressure cookers, ovens, and toasters. You could also expect several multi-functional tools like 2-way weighing scales, dual kitchen timers, digital measuring spoons, dual food thermometers, and a lot more that will enable you to cook several dishes all at the same time.

4.Smart Home Security Suits

Home security systems are apparently considered to be the very products that started the home automation industry. But while security cameras and home security systems primarily marketed as high-end products, consumers may expect a much reasonable and affordable price.

Smart Home Security

Manufacturers and innovators are seen to provide several DIY home security systems nowadays. Accordingly, it is seen that consumers will enjoy more of these types of security cameras and systems. And not only that they are inexpensive, but they are equipped as well with innovative features and solutions.

Every homeowner can enjoy a full 360-degree angle of views. Also, night visions are seen to be much efficient. PTZ cameras and IP cameras are ensured to be much safer and more secure. And all of these are made possible due to the endless research and case studies that were accomplished for the betterment of the products.

5.High-Tech Entertainment

In the previous years, the only apparent drawback of using smart home products and systems is the connectivity issues. Each homeowner knows the struggle of connecting to the Wi-Fi when they are far from the router. So, they know that there is always a “dead spot” due to the range or limits.

High-Tech Entertainment

Fortunately, and thanks to the many wonders of the current technology, this kind of concern, in some way and somehow, is already resolved.

In each home, there will be a center router. The location is largely dependent on your preferences. Now, in resolving the “dead spots”, a connectivity beacon is offered. This serves as the distributor of the signal. So, once the router is turned on along with the connectivity beacons, the quality of the connection is largely ensured and evenly distributed.

Hence, Netflix and gaming apps will be much more enjoyed anywhere in the house.

Alongside these current products of technology, there are more smart home gadgets for entertainment predicted to be offered on the market this year. This would include the much-improved reality visions on several consoles and the much-advanced graphics and animations on games.

While most of these products are not yet readily available in the market, it is pretty much anticipated to be released anytime soon. And certainly, these products are worth the wait!