A hybrid bike is a versatile workhorse that rides on various terrains and conditions. It offers the comfy riding position of a mountain bike with the speed and agility of a road bike. What you get is an all-around machine suitable for casual trips, short commutes, and to some extent, recreational rides.

hybrid cycle

Hybrid bikes do vary. Some tend to borrow more from the mountain bike genre while others sit closer to the road bike end. But what should you look for to ensure you have the right hybrid for your money? Below we look at the features and standards that make a good hybrid bike.

Things to Consider for Best Hybrid Bikes

There certain things to consider to help you choose the right hybrid bike. You have to factor in the features, components, how you want to ride, and where you want to ride. What’s more, there are hybrid bikes for men and hybrid bikes for women. Here are the things you need to look for to make a wise choice.

Wheel Size

 standard 700c wheel

The size of the wheel can make a massive difference to your bike. Wheel size affects speed and roll-ability. Most hybrids have standard 700c wheels suitable for rolling across pavements, small bumps, and cracks on the road. Others have 26-inch wheels, which are smaller and lighter compared to 700c varieties. 26-inch wheels are ideal for those that want to go faster.

Choosing the right wheel size should not be a problem. After all, you can always switch tires to get a wheel that fits your riding style. A good hybrid needs to have tires that are a bit wider than those of a road bike. Choose anywhere from 28c to 42c. Wider tires add extra comfort while making the bike more utilitarian.

Frame Material

Most hybrids have an aluminum frame. However, carbon fiber and aluminum are also common. You need to weigh your priorities since each frame material has its advantages and disadvantages.

best hybrid bicycle frame

Aluminum is the most affordable. It’s a strong, stiff, and lightweight option. Aluminum frames tend to feel a bit harsh on rough roads. However, there are newer construction techniques that help improve shock absorption. Steel is more flexible and stronger than aluminum, but much more cumbersome. Carbon fiber is a high-end option stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum.

Apart from the material, you need a frame that’s more customizable. It should include mounts for water bottles, mudguards, or panniers.


Hybrid bikes come with various gears. The number of gears can range from one up to 30. The higher the number of gears the more the components. Besides the number of speeds, there are other combinations you need to factor in, such as the number of teeth, cogs, and chainrings. I mean, things can get a bit complex here.


Well, there’s a way you can make it easy on yourself. When selecting gears, you need to keep two things in mind – the type of terrain you’ll be riding and your fitness level. Lots of hills and challenging climbs require a high number of gears. A strong cyclist or one riding flat ground won’t need as many gears. Some hybrids have one speed and are typically named single-speed bikes. Single-speeds make an ideal option for coasting.


Suspension depends on the make of the bike. Some hybrids come with a front suspension while others have none at all. In most cases, riders avoid suspension since it adds weight and makes pedaling less efficient. Hybrids with no suspension are ideal for paved paths and smooth streets.

hybrid bicycle suspension

Other hybrids, generally the urban variety, come with a front suspension fork. It helps absorb impact to smooth out the ride. You need to consider this option in case you plan to ride on rough streets.


The type of brake in a bike is an important consideration. Most hybrids have rim brakes that feature pads to help you slow down. It’s economical, easy to monitor pad wear, and easy to replace. Disc brakes are also beginning to gain popularity. Like rim brakes, disc brakes also have a pad. However, the pad grips onto the brake rotor rather than the rim. There are two versions: hydraulic and mechanical.

hybrid brake

A hydraulic disc brake is stronger and more progressive than the mechanical version. It can self-adjust for pad wear. Disc brakes have the advantage of superior and consistent performance in all conditions. However, pad inspection and replacement are difficult.

Handlebar Shape

The shape of the handlebar you choose depends on your riding style. Drop bars are lightweight and aerodynamic. Flat bars offer a more relaxed position but tend to be heavier than drop bars. Riser bars extend upwards and back toward the rider. You get to sit farther back and in a more upright position. Moustache bars have a small drop and provide a variety of hand positions. You may visit for different types of bikes and bike accessories.


The type of accessories you need will depend on what you’re going to use the bike for. Trips to the grocery and commuting to work will do well with cargo racks. Both cargo racks and panniers provide more room for carrying shopping and other supplies. Fenders protect you from road grime and puddles, especially when riding on wet days. It helps lengthen the life of the tires by protecting them from curbs.


There’s a multitude of factors to consider to help you choose the best hybrid bike. You have to factor in the features and match them with the riding conditions and type of terrain you’re going to encounter. But in doing so, ensure you get the right bike fit for your size.